Monday, July 7, 2014


Sorry it's been so long. I was waiting for my typical 2 weeks to weigh in, but that was during mission trip. Ha!

I have lost about 5 more pounds since my last weigh in, but I feel like I do more. I finally hit my 10,000 step goal this last weekend. I had to do some laps around the house to get the last few steps, but it was WORTH it!!

I ate surprisingly well during the young adult mission trip I went on, despite all of the yummy looking food. I even walked on the track one day. Yeah, me. Weird, I know. I'm really rather upset I didn't lose any weight, but I seriously think I gained some muscle; I'm ok with that. 

I will officially have to get rid of some clothes and buy some new ones. I was cooking for the mission trip and reached up to stretch out my back and nearly flashed the other two ladies in the kitchen because my pants were dangerously close to falling off. Hahaha! I can wear some of my old pants again, but can't seem to make myself wear the shirts. They stick just a little too much for me. I am going to go shopping for a couple of pairs of capris for the next mission trip I'm going on (next week) and the rest of summer.

I'm hoping to get a "big girl" job this year and will have to go shopping for an interview outfit and work clothes if I get one. What a bittersweet problem to have!!

I have already told you that I feel so much better, but I can't say it enough. I FEEL GREAT!!!

I walked on my new leg all last week and am going to get it adjusted tomorrow. I think I'm already shrinking out of it somewhat. They will have to add padding for me and realign some stuff. Funny story: I had my test socket with my new foot and went to the dentist with dad like 2 weeks ago. It was making this weird sound and I sent a video (shown) to my leg people and said I think it's loose. I went to the bathroom (brought mom) and got up to wash my hands, when my foot fell off. Right there in the bathroom!!! So mom calls dad in, just imagine the people in the waiting room, and he sees me sitting on the toilet (fully clothed) holding my purse with my foot unattached, lying on the floor. Yeah. Only me. Hahahahaha! I wish we had gotten picture... It was hilarious! Luckily, the dentists office, for some reason or another, had some Allen wrenches that dad used to reattach my foot to my socket. #amputeeprobs