Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 135

I woke up this morning and showered with my new shampoo. I think it helped a bit. I got ready for the day and sat around waiting for the day to start. Mom and Dad finally got ready and we were off!

I had an OT (occupational therapy) appointment today. So we went. Basically she gave me some exercises to do on my own, didn't understand what my ortho wanted from her, and said she couldn't do much if I came to see her 3 times a week. This sucks because I was kind of counting on her to "fix" the issues I have with my arm, elbow, and shoulder. Also, just doing exercises on my own wont get me that far, especially since she said I shouldn't "force" the joint. Ugh! This whole "healing" thing sucks. I'm waaaaay over waiting on this. I guess not, though, huh?

After OT, we went to celebrate my "aunt and uncle's" birthdays! We ate at Pappadeaux and it was delish!! It was so nice to see people from Dad's work, whom I consider friends, while we're on break. My uncle's birthday was today, December 31, and his wife's (my aunt) birthday is tomorrow, January 1. I love that! Ha! I hope they both have happy birthdays!!!

After that we wasted time because I was going to hang out with my friends and sister for New Year's Eve. However, a lot of my friends couldn't make it, so I decided not make Dad go out of his way (at 1 am) to come get me; I didn't go. I know Sister is upset, but maybe it was a sign I shouldn't have gone. So instead, we are bringing in the New Year by catching up on some shows!! While I was in the hospital, we accumulated over 100 hours of shows, so I'm excited to get some of those watched. Hahaha!!

I hope you have a Happy New Year my lovely readers!!

And that's life...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 134

So my sister came by last night and stayed the night with us. We watched TV and caught up. Then we all went to bed. I did not exercise, but I will tonight.

This morning we all got up and went to church together. It was really nice. We all sat together and a couple of my youth sat close by.

After church we took my sister and Dad to the doctor so they could get their levels checked. What should have taken a few minutes took about an hour and a half. They left us in the car (with the keys) because they thought it would be a short thing, not a full-blown ordeal. So I watched some Walking Dead while I waited. Ha! When they were done, we went home and ate lunch.

After lunch, my sister made me take a nap (yep, she had a gun and everything!! Haha!). We talked before the nap about plans for New Years Eve. It's difficult to plan stuff because of the accommodations I now need. I've never even thought of any of those things before, like space in the building, handicap stalls, etc. It changes a lot of the logistics of going out. I think we do have a plan, though.

When we got up from our nap, we played my new Apples to Apples game I got for Christmas! I always think that game is so fun and hilarious!! We played until we thought we couldn't play anymore, then Sister went home.

Next, a friend of Dad's stopped by to borrow a Wilton tip and visit. She stayed a whole and we talked about life and my plans for New Years. After she left, I did my exercises and went to bed.

And that's life...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 133

This morning *cough*afternoon*cough* I got up and took a shower ALL BY MYSELF!! I wheeled to the door, transferred to the chair, transferred to the shower bench, showered, transferred back to the chair, brushed my teeth (in the bathroom sink!!!), combed my hair, and transferred back to my wheelchair! Woohoo!!! So I got ready, ate lunch, and then Mom and I went to the movies.

We saw Les Miserables. I thought it was wonderful!! Now, I haven't read the book, but the movie was great! I loved the music, although singing EVERY word was a bit much. Talk about taking musical to a whole new level! Wow. Anyways, I liked the story and thought the historical aspect of it was fairly accurate and good.

Then, I met one of my BFFs for dinner! I haven't seen her in a while, so we had a LOT to catch up on. I really miss seeing all of my friends whenever they/I want. However, it was nice to catch up and hang out with my friend. I love her!!!

After that, Daddy and I (he met Mom for dinner while I ate with my friend) went to Wal-mart. I was looking for a new water bottle. If you know me personally, you know I LOOOOOOOVE my water. I'm picky about the taste, and drink about 96 ounces (give or take) a day. My water bottle (a cheap one) decided to start leaking. So I thought it was time for a new one. I get a new one about every six months and ONLY drink water out of it. I bought TWO new water bottles which I hope will last me a while. If not, I'm going to get serious an buy like a big Camelbak with that bite valve or something. Ha!

I also got some new shampoo/conditioner combo and a bottle of dry shampoo. Since the hospital stay, my hair is so oily. It looks like I haven't washed it in days when I just washed it. I don't like it one bit. So I bought a new shampoo/conditioner combo to try to even out the oil a little. That's the same reason I got the dry shampoo. It will hopefully dull the oil so I can still look cute. Haha! We shall see if this works...

Today it hit me that I almost died. I know it seems a bit late, but it happens when it happens. My life didn't pass before my eyes that I recall, but I truly am blessed to be alive and as well as I am. My God saved me. My car saved me. My seatbelt saved me. I'm thankful for my life even if it doesn't always sound that way.

Last night's workout went well. It was looooong, but worth it. I love my Daddy!! He's my biggest fan and is turning out to be quite the drill sergeant. He helps me with all of my workouts. He is the BEST!!!

So now we are watching TV, I'll work out, and Sister is coming over. Yay!!

And that's my amazing life...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 132

This morning I got up, showered, and got ready for the day. Mom and I went to my office (at the church) and set it all up. Before the accident, I switched offices with someone, and just left it all piled in there with the intent to fix it up later. So today Mom told me we were going up there to sort it all out and get it all set up. However, when we got there, she had already been there and done most of the work!! She had been waiting for me to get ready to go up and see it. Being the Pinterest geek I am, I made a whole lot of decorative things for my office. We also put all of those up. Now it looks so awesome!! The pictures of my craftiness are below.

Last night while I was doing my exercises, I kind of threw myself a pity party. Sometimes I still get so mad about everything and sad about how things turned out. This wasn't how I planned my life. I never even thought about amputation or how it might affect my life. I didn't plan to have to worry about a prosthetic with my youth or kids. I didn't plan to have any limitations. I had to make a decision no one should have to. I don't regret it, but I kind of hate it. It's always the same thing. I have no foot. My mobility was taken from me in a single moment. It sucks. I try to remind myself that this is temporary. It's so hard to remember that. I think if I had the full use of my left arm, it may not be so bad; I obviously still don't have use of my arm, though.

Also, last night my leg didn't look as good as it did the day before. When we took the dressing off, it pulled out 2 stitches. It just looked different. Mom emailed my doctor, so hopefully he will get back to us soon and ease my worry.

Right now we are all hanging out and watching TV. We had dinner earlier (delish- hamwiches) and now we are just chilling as a family. We will do some more wound care (fingers crossed) and my exercises, then go to bed.

I want to see Les Mis. That is all.

And that's life...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 131

This morning I went to PT. We practiced "sitting down" instead of plopping. We are practicing sitting in a rolly chair for bathroom stuff. My PT wants me to do this every time I sit, so I'll give it a shot! We also practiced balancing; I stood up, Dad moved his hands around, and I had to tap them with my right hand. I was doing pretty well until my PT made me look at the hands and reach for them (outside of my comfort zone). I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself.

Next, we went to get Dad's oil changed. So we sat at Honda for like a million years while his car got serviced. We walked (rolled) around the car lot to look at different cars. I'm not ready to buy one yet, but one day (hopefully soon) I will be. It got too cold to continue looking at cars, so we headed in to finish our wait.

After that, we ate a light lunch of BBQ. Then we headed to the movie. We got there for a 2:40 show. The guy informs us they have 7 seats left and sends someone to check and see if any wheelchair seating is available. There isn't any, so we decide to buy tickets for the next show after an usher said that we would only have to wait about 30 minutes. Turns out, he was crazy... It was more like a 2:40 to 4:15 wait; an hour and a half-ish. So we went across the street to HEB to waste some time. We slowly walked (rolled) around the chaos that is HEB. When we had wasted enough time, we went back to the theater to see The Hobbit. It was awesome!!! Also, 2013 will be super busy because there are a LOT of movies we want to see that are coming out.

We came home, ate dinner, watched some Chopped (that's where we are now), we'll do some wound care, and go to bed!

And that's my awesome life...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 130

We went to see my ortho first thing this morning. It wasn't icy at all, although that was a concern of ours. He took out half of my stitches without me being sedated, anesthetized, or crying!!! The right half of my leg is still healing, but looks good and is making progress (yes, I needed to hear it from him). Also, he gave me new directions about my arm and told me I could lift five pounds with it! That seems like nothing, but I have lost a LOT in that arm. I did not get to see my amazing PT at the hospital which made me a little sad. Before we left, Dad and I each got a muffin, and then headed home. I immediately took a nap that lasted waaaay too long, but was perfect.

Next, we headed to my new PT. She gave me new exercises and stretches to do. She was, of course, impressed I could do all that I did. I told her I did most of the exercises in the hospital, which I think really helped me. I can't wait to be strong again!!

When we got home from PT, one of my BFFs and another friend stopped by. She brought me a Christmas present, bath stuff, and it smells amazing!! I can't wait to use it! We talked about a little bit of everything. I showed them Peggy!!! They thought she was adorable. After they left, Mom decided we needed to work on my room.

So we reorganized some stuff. We got rid of some clothes. We moved stuff around. It's so much more functional now. Set up really is everything! I can now get to my closet to pick out what I'm going to wear. When we were done, I did my PT exercises (which Daddy helped me with) and got in bed. I have PT again in the morning, so it's off to LaLa Land (again) for me!!

And that's life...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 129- Christmas Day

So I woke up this morning like a kid in Christmas day... Except then I had to wait for my sister and her boyfriend to get here. So I got ready and sat around with Mommy until Dad got up. Mom made a delicious breakfast casserole that we all four ate while she went to the store to get some things she forgot. Yes, Albertson's was open today.

After my sister got here and we ate, Mom got back and they started making lunch. We snacked on some appetizers, then while there was a lull in the cooking, we opened presents! I got 2 scarves (one with built in mittens!!), some solar powered flower dancers, a mini-cupcake maker machine, smart gloves (you can use your smart phone but still be warm), a tablet cover, and a very special gift from my grandfather that I will talk about all by itself (yeah, it's that good!!!!). Next it was time for lunch! We ate a deliciously perfect meal. Mom and Sister did awesome!!

So my grandfather (the one that lives in another state and that drove with his left foot and told me I could do it) sent me an extra special, one-of-a-kind, handmade gift. He went to Build-A-Bear and made me an bear with a shorter right leg. Then he shopped all over for the perfect shoes for my bear. Next, he crafted a prosthetic (out of a spoon) for the bear. He fit the shoes to the bear, even taking time to hand sew the fabric where needed. It is, hands down, the most thoughtful and wonderful gift I have ever received!! Thank you! I think it will be a girl and that I will call her Peggy (like peg leg). Yes, that will do. I really truly appreciate the time and effort that he put into the bear. Best. Present. EVER!!

The three of us sat around after my sister left the rest of the day listening to Christmas music or watching shows. This was an amazing Christmas (that I'm really glad wasn't spent at the hospital)! It might even be the best one yet!!

A bit of progress- I began to lose my balance earlier, caught myself, and didn't cry!! I'm getting there. And I sat on the couch instead of my normal chair. Also, I go see my ortho tomorrow morning (come on, elbow, come on!).

And that's life...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 128- Christmas Eve

So today was jam-packed and full of fun!! Side note: my fantasy football team won the championship with me being in 7th of 8 places- I have the BEST manager, my Dad!!!

I woke up and Daddy helped me make a cake (Lethal Peppermint Chocolate Cake from the Cake Doctor Book). It was a process, but it allowed me to have LOTS of OT and use some serious patience (I spelled it right this time!! Haha!). We had to make ganache, the cake, and a peppermint buttercream, so it was quite the process. While the cake was cooling, I took a shower and got ready for our Christmas Eve activities. Then, I iced the cake and we were off!!

We went to my aunt's house and enjoyed some appetizery (yeah, that's a word) foods. I brought the stuff to make wassail and Mom made it. Can you say YUM?! It was so good (and I don't even like hot drinks)! We opened presents and I got a table top vanity mirror; I have one, but the stand broke and I have to hold it- try holding a mirror AND doing your hair. It's difficult. I also got Apples to Apples (YAY) and a Visa gift card! I am so thankful. I got a bear from my great aunt as a "get well" present. It was HUGE!! My sister was being so goofy playing with it. I'd post the video, but I want to live. Ha! The pictures, however, will be below.

I feel so blessed to have a family that loves me. My aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents (talked to both sets today) love me soooo much!! I could just burst with all of their love and the love I feel for them. I still maintain that I am the most blessed and the luckiest girl alive! I love my family!

To end the night, Dad and I went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at my church. It was a really nice service. "It is well with my soul." I felt called to go to, and I did. I really enjoyed the service and apparently needed it.

And that's life...

P. S. Daddy read me "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" as per our tradition. I told you he is the best dad EVER!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 127

We made it to church this morning, AND we were even early!! I got to visit with my youth children and other people. It was really nice. I am so proud of all of my youth and who they are.

We went home and ate some lunch after church, then Mom and I headed out to do some shopping. We met up with my sister, who consequently loaded and unloaded me every time and pushed me in most of the stores. Ha! At one of our stops, she leaned against a broken window on Mom's car and made all of the glass fall out of it. Hahahahahaha!! We were laughing so hard! Mom had tape IN THE CAR to fix the window; which was even more hilarious!! It was great. At every stop she had to fix her mirror, too! Hysterical!! We ate dinner, dropped my sister off, then did some more shopping.

It got so cold by the time we headed home! I was supposed to bake a cake tonight, but I guess I'll just put that off for tomorrow's activities.

I'm going to take a minute to tell you all how grateful I am for my family. My parents are the best there are. They spent countless hours, dollars, tears, and love for me over the years, but especially lately. They stopped their lives to deal with my wreck and me. Mom stayed every night (except for the weekends, then Dad stayed) with me in whatever room and whatever uncomfortable chair/bed there was. Dad came every night to visit me, driving 30 plus minutes there and back (putting a TON of miles on his new car). Both of them have loaded and unloaded my wheelchair so that I can be active and do things. We aren't even completely out of the woods yet because we still have lots of PT, OT, and appointments to go to. I can't express in words how appreciative I am and what that means to me; so let me sing a song- kidding. I just love and adore my parents, even if we don't always get along. My sister is near and dear to my heart, too. She makes me laugh and laughs at my jokes. We have a special relationship and an unbreakable bond (although it's been tested). I am the luckiest and most blessed girl in the world with the family I have!!

And that's life...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 126

Today we slept in. Then I showered and we sat around just relaxing and enjoying the break. Next, all three of us went to Cabela's. We went to look around and check for a jacket for Dad. We didn't find one he liked enough to buy.

After that, we went to Saltgrass to use our gift card we received!! It was pretty yummy. The mac and cheese left something to be desired. However, the baked potato soup was delish!! The steak was, of course, amazing! Yum yum.

We went to see the Interlochen lights next. It was a free event. It's a whole subdivision that put up lights and you just drive through. Some houses had their lights set to music and others had no lights at all. Kind of a disappointment, but it got me more in the Christmas spirit!! We listened to music in the car the whole time. It was nice.

Now we are headed home to sleep some more. I'm hoping we get to go to church tomorrow!

Thank you for reading my blog and being a supporter of me and my recovery. I really appreciate each reader and all of the comments. I love you all!!

And that's life...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 125

I went to work with Daddy today. All of the classes went so fast because it was a half day. 7th period really enjoyed the brownies and bubble gum I think! Next we went to lunch. Then I came home and started Dad's break off right, with a nap (I think he dozed of at least once). Ha!

TMI: I used the potty at the house to go today!! Woot! "It's all about set up," said the most amazing PT ever. I love her!! Had a text conversation with her today.

After that, I convinced Daddy we should go to Bass Pro Shop to see the lights... What a disappointment. There weren't even any lights to really see. Anyways, on the way up there my stupid map took us through the airport!! What was it thinking?! We don't know. It was an interesting little adventure. Ha! A LOT of people were buying guns; interesting considering recent events.

People were mostly really nice. They held doors, pulled their kids out of the way, gave me space; it was nice. One guy, though, called out to me that his sister just had an above knee amputation. I'm not real sure why he thought that was necessary information to tell me, but apparently to him it was. Some of the kids did a double take, but I'm starting to get used to that.

We got him with no detours. Haha! We were going to go see some Christmas lights, but decided to save those for tomorrow! I just took all my medicines (I'm like an old person with all the meds I'm taking, and we are doing wound care. Then I'm off to sleep!

And that's life...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 124

This morning I slept in because I had to wait for my walker to arrive. So I slept until about 9:30, then got up and got ready. I wrapped a Christmas present and waited. Finally the delivery guy calls and delivers my walker. He fits it to me and we sign all of the paperwork. About halfway through the delivery Mom came home. She took me to her school (it's so stinkin' cold outside!!!) and I shredded some more papers. I did finish her whole stack, though!! She took me to see a couple of teachers and then we were off to the talent show!!! Some of those kids are so impressive! I heard some new music and downloaded it. The teachers danced to "Call Me Maybe" (don't worry, I took a video but no pictures); I can't wait to be one of those teachers!!!

After "work" we went shopping! I got part of someone's Christmas gift and some other stuff we needed. We went to quite a few stores. Mom got tired from loading and unloading my wheelchair a thousand times. Ha! She kept saying she needs to start working out and I kept telling her she was. I'm so helpful. Haha!

After shopping we met Dad for dinner. I went home with him. Then we made the brownies for tomorrow's 7th period class. It was a little sad because I couldn't do it by myself. I miss my independence. I had to have Daddy help quite a bit. It's not that I don't like or accept help (ok, I don't accept it that well), but I want to be able to do it. I want to be able to do anything and everything, and right now I can't. Dad says I am doing a lot more than most people could or would do; I'm not most people and I want to be 100% now. He also said I needed patience, but I seem to have run out of those. I had so much for so long; I just can't wait any longer. I mean I know I have to, but it sucks. Ugh. I think I'll finish my night by watching some TV to get my mind off of everything.

And that's life...