Sunday, June 30, 2013


On Friday sister, her boyfriend, Dad, and I went to the Rangers game! It was very hot and very fun!! We won, which always makes the game better. Ha! We ate ballpark food, had Lemon Chills, and giggled. It was fabulous! 

Saturday I visited with my dear friend and her daughter. Then headed off to lunch with a fellow youth director. We ate at Chuy's- I had a salad- and talked about youth stuff and life. It was really fun!! 

I went to Dallas with Sister and some of her friends. We laughed and talked and had a grand time! I really enjoyed myself. I walked a little for my friend and loved hanging out with new people!! 

My youth talked about their mission trip experiences in the morning. For youth I had planned to move all of the tools back to where they go, but it had been done during the morning. So, we played games until game night which started after youth. I had so much fun!! 

I had a wonderful and fun-filled weekend and loved hanging out with so many people! Like I've said before, I'm getting back to a new normal!! 

And that's life... 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Monday I slept in for most of the day. When I got up, I went to PT and we got our Monday night pizza from Papa Murphy's. As always, it was delish!! At PT, I did some new leg exercises and balancing. It was very strenuous! 

When we got home, we watched some shows and went to bed way too late to have to get up so early the next day...

Tuesday I gave the STAAR test. I apparently thought this would be a good idea when I signed up to give it the week before mission trip. Dumb plan. I spent 4+ hours watching kids take tests. Ugh!! Gag me. For those of you who don't know, people giving our great states' achievement test can only actively monitor students; no books, electronics, lesson plans, etc. Most. Epically. Boring. Thing. EVER. So boring, in fact, that I signed up for TWO days!!! What is wrong with me?! 

After school we all went to see the family doctor- for different reasons. Next, Mom and I went to have dinner with my grandma!! I walked into the doctor's office and restaurant. We went to Mamma Mia's and I got something different. It was, of course, scrumptious! I had so much fun, too!! We sat outside- I know- after dinner and watched people while we continued chatting. It was lovely! 

Wednesday I gave the test again. Again, it was brutal. I wish whoever made those rules would try to do that! So dull. 

Mom took me to PT after the test and we did some arm stuff like push ups, lat pulls, my version of dips, and triceps push downs. I asked how to jump, and my therapist taught me!! Not that I jump a lot, but now I know how! 

We headed to my grandma (different one) and grandpa's when we were done. And... I went swimming!!! I did not use my leg, although that was an option. I sat down and slid in and stood up and sat in my chair after. It was pretty awesome! It felt super weird because I couldn't use my legs to keep me afloat and balanced. Plus, my leg just didn't know what to do being so weightless in the water. Yay! We had some Mama's Pizza for dinner and homemade buttermilk pie for dessert- yummy!!! 

I am walking a WHOLE lot more. However, I still use my chair if I will be out a long time and if I don't know if there will be a place to sit and rest when I get tired. I have come a LOOOOOOONG way from August. I really couldn't have done it without my God, my parents, my family, my friends, and my supporters (not necessarily in that order). Thank you all again for all of the wonderful support, love, and prayers you have poured out on me. 

Update on the black marks on my prosthetic foot- nothing I have tried ha worked. I will have to get them buffed out and NEVER wear just shoes on my foot again. Jeez! Where was that warning?! 

And that's life... 

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Week of Mission Trip

So we took off last Sunday for mission trip. This happens to be my favorite (and possibly most griped about) thing to do every summer! I love to see the kids get to know other youth and I love to meet new people; both things took place on this trip!

We went to Sapulpa, Oklahoma to help the community there. We stayed at a church and had food and worship every night. I got to know some fantastic people and learned a LOT!!  

The first time I took a shower in the "handicapped" stall, I was underwhelmed. The seat was coming off the wall and I was not about to trust it to hold me. So I took a metal chair into the already cramped space and showered the best I could. This was one of my big worries... It all worked out alright, though. 

One day we took Popsicles to all of the work teams out in the heat. I got out of the car and walked to help deliver them. I walked across grass, dirt, pavement, driveways, steps, and different inclines. I have to say that I was SUPER impressed! The next day I had to use my wheelchair most of the day, but could easily walk again the following day (two days after walking a ton). 

Monday night's worship I gave my sermon. I didn't cry, although it came close, and the people laughed, looked interested, and clapped when I finished. I guess it went well. I was nervous- no lie. I don't really have a problem talking in front of people, I just don't usually like to bear so much of my soul to large groups of people. I guess it all boils down to I don't want to look weak. I have issues, I know. Anyhow, I thought it went pretty well considering. I had some help writing it and am happy I chose to get it. Ha!

I did some serious reflecting this week and will have to change some things in my life. I am going to start talking anout my faith more and try to "walk the walk" more as well. That's not to say I'll be a whole different person, it just means I'm changing some things. 

Everyone knows I love kids, even though I tell them I don't. Ha! I got to spend SO much time with my wonderful youth and see them grow in just a week. I could not be more proud! Everyone there took care of me and helped me do whatever I needed. Since this was the first time I was away from my family for any length of time, I was grateful for the help. This trip taught me that my new normal is enough and is working!! 

There was a girl in my center (the church we stayed at) who was also an amputee. She had cancer a few years ago and we swapped amp problems and stories. She was amazing!!! She uses forearm crutches and can get around better than some kids that were there. I was impressed. She kept telling me how awesome I was and I kept being floored by what she could do and that NOTHING kept her back. She climbed a ladder, swam, danced, and even served communion; she was a ROCK STAR!!! 

Sometimes God speaks to me in different ways. Most of the time I listen. This week I was ready to hear anything that was said and heard a lot. I can't wait to continue on this journey and to see where it takes me. 

I had a wonderful week and met some people that I will be friends with for a long time. I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. I am excited for what the future brings! 

Each day I had a different pithy tshirt. 
Sunday- awesome Get Swag (saved with amazing grace) youth shirt. 
Monday- Jesus Saves Bro (for my sermon). 
Tuesday- Check Meowt with a cool cat wearing some shades. 
Wednesday- My dad has the most awesome daughter in the world. 
Thursday- Mr. Rogers- It's all good in the hood. 
Friday- Keep calm and swag on. 
Saturday- mission trip t-shirt. 

And that's life... 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


This weekend I accomplished all of my checklists!! 

Friday I went to Dad's school and got STAAR trained. Yay! Then I got all the water jugs for Dad's school filled. Then we got his kids some ice cream sandwiches. 

After school, we took Dad to Spring Creek for his Father's Day dinner. We have him a shirt we had made for him and showed him our new shirts!! His says, "This is what an awesome dad looks like." Ours says, "My dad has the most awesome daughter in the world." Haha! 

Next we took Dad to Kohl's to look for shorts. He didn't find what he wanted. 

Saturday we loaded the vans for mission trip at 9am. We got it done fairly quickly. I got my parents some donuts- for helping me- and went home and took a nap. 

We got up and took Dad shopping for shorts. We went to 2 Bealls, SteinMart, and Burlington. We finally found 4 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of jean shorts- success!! 

We went home, Mom took a nap, and I convinced Dad to take me to Target. We got him some golf balls and a belt; I got a shirt! I have a cute/funny short for each day of my mission trip. Yay! 

When I finally got to bed, I was exhausted! I slept really well, though. 

I went to the luncheon for our pastor and the team got commissioned to go to Sapulpa, Oklahoma!! We are headed there now. I will write if I get a chance, but I'm not promising anything. We are going to have a fantastic week and can't wait to get there! 

And that's life... 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Wednesday I was a sub for a half day at Dad's summer school. Since it was only half day, I got Dad some lunch. I got him the best lunch ever!! We had a Schlotzky's Original sandwich and a rocky road shake from Braum's. Yum!! 

After work we ran by Home Depot for some paint thinner wipes- weird, I know. I'll let you know how they work out... We also got some bolts for my closet since my organizer fell. 

We ate dinner which Mom and I made while we watched the Rangers game. 

Thursday I subbed again. Mom came and picked me up so I could meet my friend for lunch. We ate at Sushi Axiom and caught up. We then headed to Starbucks to work on my sermon. I walked in there and even got in a 15 passenger van- I rock!

After we were done, Mom and I went to the church to make sure we had all the tools ready for loading the vans on Saturday. I had some other things to do there, too. 

After we cooled off, we decided against cooking and went to Fresco's for dinner. We tried duck tacos- delish!! It had this sweet and spicy marinated stack of onions and was served with guacamole ranch. I had a taco salad with smoked brisket and guacamole ranch for dinner. I love their food! I also saw a guy that I used to work with waaaaay back in the day who recognized me!! It was a great evening. 

We got home and I was exhausted- heat is no joke. I worked on typing my sermon and went to bed. 

And that's life...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Start of my Week

Monday I slept in. I had an appointment with a sleep study doctor- for the weight loss surgery. He was... Over informative. It was a quick visit, though. 

I headed to PT afterwards. She worked on my arm and streeeeeeetched it out! It looks like I'm finally gaining the muscle I need to extend my arm. Yay! I'm working hard... Ugh. 

We ran to Walmart for some last minute mission trip items. I only lack 2 mops from what I can tell. Woohoo!! It's coming up pretty quick! 

Tuesday my leg girl came. She extended my leg by about an inch and a quarter. No wonder it wasn't fitting right!! Ha! We think Stumpy McGee finally shrunk enough to sit all the way in my socket making my leg seem too short. She made some other adjustments that make my leg waaaaaaay easier and more comfortable to use. 

I got Dad some lunch and ate with him. Then I stayed for a while listening to him teach- I still love it! I left for a meeting with the center director I'm shadowing for mission trip. 

I walked into the church and into the kitchen so we could work. No wheelchair. Yeah!!! We figured out all of our teams and chatted a bit. One more thing DONE! 

I picked Dad up and we went to PT. I walked into PT- I told you the leg felt better- and then to all the stations she had me do. I did a set of stairs and some arm-strengthening exercises. Then, we went outside. Ugh. I walked around part of the building and to the car. In total, I walked 3/4 of mile for PT alone!! I probably totaled at least a whole mile for the whole day! Go me!! We got smoothies from Smoothie King as a reward for all my hard work! Yum!! 

We ate dinner and then Mom helped me with some mission trip stuff. After my crazy active day, I fell fast asleep. 

And that's life... 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Weekend

Friday I spent the day catching up on sleep and lounging and reading. It was blissful! At about lunchtime, Mom came and got me. We ate lunch, visited her friend who just had knee surgery (got some paperwork signed), and then came home. 

Dad took me with him to get his oil changed. We looked at cars for a while, then went inside. We ended up seeing a therapist there, getting her oil changed, from my PT place and talked to her a bit. It was a very pleasant conversation! 

When we got home, we watched 2 movies and went to bed. I am pleased to say that these movies were actually good picks! We watched Warm Bodies and Escape  from Planet Earth. Both good in their own way. 

Saturday we got up and went to a graduation party. Again, I am SO incredibly proud of my kids. I am really going to miss them. After the party, we went to HEB to get a few items for mission trip. 

We sat around for a while, then went to Dad's end of the year dinner at Pappadeaux! Yum yum yum!! I had some delicious shrimp brochettes with rice. They were amazing!! 

I left when we got home to go hang out with Sister. We played Little Big Planet and watched Guilt Trip. Another fairly good movie! It was a little chick-flicky, but was really cute. I went home and got in the house without any help and without either parent waking up. Score!! 

Sunday morning I presented some of my seniors with their bibles. It was very moving and, again, I was on the verge of tears. We had a reception afterwards that had some delicious cupcakes!! 

When we got home, Mom helped me go through some medical kits for mission trip. It was a hot and nature-filled task. Ugh. 

I went to Youth next. We filled 100 bags with 2 scoops each of Gatorade- a boring task, but one that we lightened with fellowship. I walked around the gym with the kids. It was fun! We talked about the rules, summer plans, and life. My kids are GREAT!!! 

I went home, read, and we watched The Hunger Games (for me, again- I saw it when it came out). Then we went to bed! 

What a great weekend!! 

And that's life...

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Wednesday I woke up early to go with Mom to work. I had a meeting at 10 and needed to borrow her car. I got myself in and out of the car as well as driving it to and from the meeting. When I got back to Mom's building, we went to lunch. Then, she took me home. 

I accidentally left my phone in the car- ugh! So I had no way to contact either parent... I finally sent an email from my tablet to let them know that I didn't have my phone. I watched TV and read the rest of the afternoon and evening. 

Thursday morning I got up bright and early because Dad convinced me to go watch the staff vs. student baseball game at his school. Unfortunately, it rained; so the kids had basketball and volleyball free time in the gyms. The kids ate lunch in the hallways, which was weird, then headed to the staff vs. student volleyball game. The staff dominated the student body in 2 games, but then the 8th grade athletic kids beat them by 2 points in the final game. The coaches bought the staff pizza, and we went on our merry way. 

I ran into an old teacher of mine, whom I love. She hasn't seen me in a while, and was happy to hear that I'm doing better. Yay! I also talked to another of Dad's staff members. We were talking about how school is different here from his home city and country. It really is quite interesting to hear about someone else's culture. He is so sweet!! I also got to talk to a good friend of mine (Dad's colleague) for a lot of the day. I really enjoy talking to her and being in her company. 

After school, Dad and I went to a local bike shop (Spokes). They aired up my tires and took a look at another wheel. They were so nice and helpful and answered all of Dad's questions. We then went to Office Depot and Target to look around. We stopped by HEB for a snack- which we ate during the short drive and long train wait. Once we got home, I fell asleep. 

After a short nap, Mom came and got me for graduation. I watched a few of my youth walk the stage tonight to begin the next phase in their life. I almost cried... I'm just so proud of them!! Like I'm their mom or something; they are all such great kids! A couple of my other youth walked in the past week and I'm proud of them, too. I feel lucky to know them and can't wait to see what God has in store for them all!! 

After graduation, we took Mom's friend home, got dinner, ate, and went to bed. 

And that's life...