Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday!

So I was debating about telling you all this, but I promised the good, the bad, AND the ugly. So here it is: when we ran out of gas on Thursday, I was upset. Duh. We were one exit away from our exit and in a median of highway and an entrance ramp; cars were passing us on both sides. However, Mom got out of the car and I couldn't see her which freaked me out. I started thinking about how if she got hit I wouldn't be able to do anything and couldn't help her. Or that the car would get hit and I or she would be hurt. I started to hyperventilate a little bit and began crying and begged her to get in the car. It was not pretty. We got picked up and I was ok after that. It was an adventure because I had to transfer, ON THE HIGHWAY, in my wheelchair. Haha! My life...

Friday we got up and went to run some errands. My leg was swollen, so I couldn't wear my leg. I need to figure out a name for it... Dad took me to look at cars. I didn't buy one, but I think I know what I want- which is good! Then we ate some lunch at Fridays. We split a steak. Yum!! Next we went to HEB to get some last minute Easter stuff. It was a pretty good day! I did have a touch of a headache for a good chunk of the day. Boo!

When we got home, we ate dinner and watched some shows. I baked some cupcakes and in less than half the time they were burned... I think something is wrong with our oven.

Saturday I went and watched my Youth set up the Easter egg hunt at our church. They laid the eggs out and then helped run it. I sat in the car because I couldn't get down in the mud. It was a gorgeous day for the hunt!

After that, Mom had to get some more last minute Easter stuff we forgot. Then we went to her school so she could help someone with some work. I called Dad to come get me and he did.

I went home and made MORE cupcakes, and then decorated them. They are SO cute! Check out the pics.

Sister called and wanted me to come hang out with her, so Dad let me take his car and go see her. I gave her the adorable workout shirt I ordered for her and two other little things I found that I thought she'd like. We decided to go eat at the local food park. We ate from 4 of the 6 trucks!! Ha! I had a delicious burger from Gourmet Bites, she got scrumptious tacos from Salsa Limon, we got beignets (French donuts) from Cajun Tailgators, and cupcakes from Red Jett Sweets! It was a fantastically amazing meal. We ate at the park outside. Yum!!! I got a peanut butter cupcake and a bacon and maple cupcake. Interesting, right? I thought it was pretty unique and good! The bacon was salty and evened out the maple sweetness. Delish!

We decided that we would go to a movie next. We saw G.I. Joe Retaliation. I thought it was good!! I'm a little bias, though, because I love love LOVE The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Channing Tatum... Drool. Plus, they were in uniform. Could I ask for more?! Haha! Ok, enough. It was a good movie even though the plot and villains were a little confusing to us. After the movie, I dropped Sister off and headed home.

When I got home I helped Mom finish her Deviled egg chicks. They are precious!! We did such a good job! More pics. I also learned that my chick cupcakes had melted a little bit because of the humidity... I definitely shed some serious tears for that.

I finally headed to bed about 1... Ugh!

Sunday morning I got up at the crack of way too early (5am) to watch my Youth perform the Sunrise Service that they have worked so hard on. They did such an amazing job!! I am so proud of them. After the service we headed over to the building to eat some breakfast. It was so good! I gave out eggs to my Youth and hid the leftover ones in their room!! Hehe! Next, we went to the church proper and had a beautiful service. I didn't wear my leg to church because I wanted to wear it to the family Easter later; I did wear the leg to see my family.

We went home, took a nap- 5am came waaaaay too early. We went to my Aunt's house to have our Easter meal and show off our cute culinary skills. It was fun to see the kids (cousins) with the excitement of the day and hunting eggs. Plus, it was one of my cousin's birthday today!! It was so nice to see everyone and enjoy the most delicious meal I've had in a while!! We had sausage, Deviled eggs, chips and salsa, ribs, brisket, ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, beans, cornbread, asparagus (shout out to Little Elm Farm- yum!!), Black Forest cake, brownies, and chick cupcakes. Oh. Em. Gee. Delish!! My aunt, uncle, 2 cousins, other aunt, other cousin, Mom, Dad, Sister (and boyfriend), grandparents, grandma, and uncle's dad were all there. Talk about a full house and a full heart! It was lovely!!

When we got home I... You guessed it! Took a nap! Haha! I was soooooo tired! Then I got up to watch some of the Ranger game!! Woot! I'm going to read some and then go to bed. What a great end to Holy Week and a fabulous three day weekend!!

He is risen indeed!

And that's life...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keep Calm It's Leg Day!!!

Wednesday- I got up and went with Mom to her doctor's appointment, then we went to mine. My leg looks awesome!! We are hoping that in 2 weeks (or before) it will be 100%. I am so impressed with the progress it's made!! This A Cell is A-Mazing! See what I did there?

After the appointments, Mommy took me home. I took a nap because I was tired- I had no sleep due to excitement- and my stomach was... Well... Just blah. Ugh. So I napped until church time.

Tonight at church, we talked about Holy Week. Very interesting topic. The kids were waaaaaay off task, though. Ha! I think they are already itching for another break... It was a good lesson overall, and we tried our hardest to teach them what they need. One girl seemed to have all the answers- she rocked!! After it was over, I stayed and talked to the associate pastor about the Sunrise Service.

Dad took me and my neighbor girl home Mom had dinner waiting since she had expected us earlier and we read and chatted while and after we ate.

I tried real hard to get some sleep, but I'm just SO STINKIN' EXCITED!!!!

Thursday- This morning I got up all excited because I had an appointment to get my leg today!! I got ready and then the lady got here (to the house). She explained how to use the liner and how to put the leg on. When Dad got here, on his conference, I STOOD UP ON TWO LEGS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 8 MONTHS!!!

I have to pick something to put on the socket part of the leg. I'm thinking something zebra-y and sparkly! Ha! I got to use my right tennis shoe for the first tome today, too!! Like she had to take the papery stuffing out and take a tag off. Haha! This is not my final leg, it's just my test socket. I'm not even supposed to really have kept the leg, except she is going to let me try it out for a week and see if it's what I want/need. I will be in a pin-lock system. That means that my liner that I roll on my leg has a pin in the bottom. No, I do not have one attached to my leg which is kind of what I originally thought. I Google a lot. So, this pin then fits in my socket and locks into place. After that I'm good to go! The bottom of Stumpy McGee should never touch the bottom of the socket. The thought is that my leg is somewhat "suspended" in my liner in my socket. The pressure is around my leg, like a band. The sensation is all new to me- duh! However, I think I'll get the hang of it. Pretty sweet, huh?

I ate some new protein today that got two thumbs DOWN!! I couldn't even finish it. Blech!

Mom came and got me for therapy after I watched some Mad Men on Netflix. On the way, we ran out of gas. A friend came and rescued us, and I wasn't even late to therapy!! At therapy, my PT was so excited about my leg! We did some arm stuff, then stood the rest of the time. She had me shift my weight back and forth and catch the ball. When I'm standing "correctly", I feel like I'm leaning to the right, so I kept trying to catch myself on the bars. It is hard for me to trust my leg strength and that the socket will hold me, although I know it will. We had a little trouble with me putting all my weight on it, straightening my knee, and dropping my right heel. It's all new. Yay yay yay!! Sorry about all the pictures... I'm a little excited.

*GROSS OVERSHARING* I took off my liner and a whole lot of sweat poured out. Apparently the silicone makes me sweat... Like a lot a lot. Ew. It was enough to make a splash on the ground. Gross!

When we were done with therapy, and got some gas, Mom and I went to JoAnns to pick out fabric for my "final" leg. It is so cute!! It's zebra and glittery! Then we went to Michael's and I got a couple of awesome frames that I will "Pinterest up" and some cupcake liners for Easter. Fun fun!!

We met Dad for dinner at Outback and had a lovely dinner. Then we all got home and went to bed.

And that's my amazing, wonderful, exciting, outstanding life!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday- I got up and tried out my new flat iron. I have straight hair, so I don't need an expensive flat iron to straighten my straight hair... However, I do want it to curl my hair!! I spent about 20 or 30 minutes curling my hair with my new (CHEAP) flat iron. It turned out pretty well until it all fell- did I mention I have straight hair? It was cute while it lasted!

Next, I watched some Netflix until my parents got home. Then we ate dinner and Mom took me to flamingo one last house. It was so sneaky!! Ha! We had fun. We got some blizzards on the way home, watched some shows, read, and went to bed.

This deserves its own paragraph- I GOT SOME EXCELLENT NEWS TODAY!!! I'll tell you ALL about it on Thursday! Ha!

Tuesday- I got up with the intent to read today. However, I turned on the TV and a FaceOff marathon was on... Awesome show about make-up artists!! I got sucked in...

After awhile, I ate a new protein bar. It wasn't too bad, although all the chewing made it tougher to stomach. Haha! Enjoy those gross faces, please!!

Dad came home and we went to PT. I did the arm bike, sitting on the ball and doing free weights, lat pulls, and throwing the ball back and forth. (That was a LOT of "and"s...) Then I tried some wall push ups, but apparently those are too easy now. So I had to do push ups on a waist-high table. Those were a lot more challenging, but I did all 20!!

After PT Dad and I went to Famous Footwear, Baskins, Staples (I love office supplies almost as much as grocery shopping!!), and Best Buy. Fun fun! I just wanted to browse. I was kind of debating on getting a Nook tablet because you get a free Nook Simple Touch, which is an e-reader. I haven't made any decisions yet... I mean, I have a tablet (which I love), but wanted to look into this sweet deal! Plus, then Dad or Mom could have my tablet.

When we got home, Mom had made some delicious stuffed bell peppers with (yucky) Lima beans. Ha! I left most of the beans on my plate... We watched some Hawaii 5-0 while we ate then went to bed.

I got a letter from a wonderful friend today that definitely brought happy tears to my eyes!! For Lent she is writing 40 letters, one per day, to people who have touched her life. I'm so stealing that for next year! Plus, I got one!! Yay! It was written to pre-wreck-me and post-wreck-me. I feel soooo special! There is a picture of said friend and I around Christmas time below.

And that's life...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday and Sunday

The Movie: We watched Moneyball. It was alright, but verrrrryyyy sloooowwwww... I felt like we were never going to get to the end. Ha! It was a story about the general manager of the 2001 Athletic A's. Like I said, it was alright, but not like amazing or anything. I think it based on a true story, though.

Saturday: I got up and ate a bowl of delicious cereal! It was half peanut butter Cheerios and half Cocoa Puffs- tasted like Reese's Puffs! I tried some new protein and did NOT like it. Ew. A friend stopped by to give me some wound care supplies. We also changed my dressing which is WAY less red than Wednesday. Yay! After we talked for a while, she left.

Dad and I left for Home Depot and roamed around the store for a bit. We got some new flowers for the front planter and a pot of flowers for Mom. I'm excited to plant them! My sister called while we were out and said she was at the house. So we headed back home.

We talked with my sister and her boyfriend. Then we decided we were hungry and went to dinner at Chili's. Dad and I split a steak after we inhaled a couple of baskets of chips. When we got back home, we watched some sillyness on YouTube, and then they left. It was a good visit with lots of laughter!!

When Mom got done with work, we went to WalMart. My friend had given me a coupon for $3 off games and a circular that advertises the game for $3.99. Yep. I got 2 games for $0.99 each!! Woohoo! I convinced her to go to a second WalMart and, although we didn't find anymore games, I found like 7 new shirts! Woot!! They are SO summer colors. We also saw one of my friends there! I haven't seen her in forever, and it was so nice to see her.

Sunday: I got up and got ready for church. I got see my silly youth children and talked to a few people after the service.

After church we got some water (5 gallon bottles) and then headed home. We watched The Dark Knight Rises which I thought was great!! I noticed that at the end of the action packed and twist ending movie, they made it so a sequel could be made... Typical. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole thing!

Next I went to Youth and we went through the (newly revised) Sunrise Service for next week. I think we're ready!! The kids did such a good job and I can't wait to see it! After we practiced, we played some games. We had fun fun fun. It was very enjoyable!

When Mom took me home, she sent Dad and I to HEB (yaaaaaay!!) to get scallops for dinner. Yum! She also made some quinoa (said keen-wa) that we have seen on the Food Network and wanted to try. It has a kind of bland-ish flavor. It might be better in a party or something... She made crab cakes and bacon-wrapped scallops to go with the quinoa. Overall, dinner was scrum-dittly-umptious!! We watched some Worse Cooks in America then went to bed.

And that's life...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Therapy Thursday and After Pay Day Dinner

Thursday: I woke up and watched some Netflix while I "enjoyed" some protein and ate some hummus and pita bread. I did that until Dad came and got me for PT.

Today we did another evaluation. I stood and the receptionist/PT helper threw a ball to me and I threw it back to her. Then I sat on the ball and did the same thing. I did the arm bike, some shoulder lifts with a weight, and some bicep curls. I also had to try to lift myself off the table with my arms... Ha! That was not very successful. My arm is not doing what I want it to. I need to wear my brace more, I think. I'll work on it.

After PT Dad and I went to Smoothie King and got some smoothies. I got a super protein one and bought some new types of protein to try this weekend. You know what that means... More faces!! Haha! I got the peanut butter, chocolate, banana one and Dad got a super fruity one. Yum yum yum!!

We went home and ate the roast that has been smelling AMAZING all day! Dad ate a forkful, then brought me a forkful, then he ate some, then he brought me some. This is what happens when Mom isn't home and works late. So funny!! Then we ate some cake off the same plate... We are goofy!

My potty is having difficulties today, so I had to use Mom and Dad's bathroom. That was such an interesting experience. It really is all about set up!! They have lots of rugs and stuff in the way- there's also not much to push up on. Let's just say I'm ready for my bathroom back...

Friday: Today I got up and got ready then watched some more Netflix. Then I read a little until Dad came and got me.

This Friday was the monthly after-pay-day-dinner. El Fenix was chosen. Yum! Dad and I split fajitas- delish- and then I got some tres leches cake and he got some sopapillas. Both were scrumptious!!! We talked and laughed and had a great time. When we left, I followed Dad's boss out (who is also in a wheelchair); I'm sure we made quite the procession out! Haha!

After dinner we went to HEB!!! I haven't been in a while, so it was nice. Dad and I got some milk, almonds (protein), and other drinks. We probably looked so thirsty... Haha! We got a Redbox which we are about to watch. More on that later...

I got two pictures of my socket today!!!! They are below.

And that's life...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Therapy And Doctor's Appointment

Tuesday: I finished my book last night! This morning I woke up and drank my protein shake. Then I ate some Hummus and pita bread while I watched some Netflix. I basically did that until Dad came and got me for therapy, although I did read a new book a bit.

I went to therapy and did the arm bike. Next, I sat on the ball and did some lat pulls, shoulder raises with weights, and shoulder squeezes. After that I had to do two new exercises- I had to do bicep curls and tricep push downs... While standing!!! Talk about balance. Haha! Then my PT massaged my scars while we talked about stuff.

Dad and I got some Spring Creek BBQ and went home to watch some of The Americans while we ate. Then we went to bed.

Wednesday: This morning Mom and I got up and ran some errands before my appointment. I wore my new sunglasses today!! We got breakfast, dropped off something at the church, stopped by city hall, stopped at a school (saw one of my youth!!), got her a drink, and then we met the guy who fixed my flat tube in my tire. I met the guy in the same building as my doctor's appointment so we went up after that.

My leg looks AMAZING!!! It is HALF the depth it was last week! It really IS magic!! My doctor and the rep guy put more pixie dust in my leg and we will check it out again next Wednesday. It is a little red around the site which we will keep an eye on. It still smells something awful. Ha! Ew. It has also started itching like crazy...

After the doctor we went to see my lawyers and signed the papers we needed to. Now, my current policy (no matter if I keep it-which I can't when I turn 26) will cover anything related to this accident for life. I'll still have deductibles and co-pays, but they will cover it. Good to know!

Next, Mom and I ate lunch at Cheddar's, went to Payless, and then headed home. I talked to my neighbors for a bit, then took a nap. After my glorious (and well deserved, if I do say so myself) nap I took my neighbor girl to Youth with me. We stuffed some more Easter eggs and hung out. I had fun! When we got home, Mom fed us dinner and we watched some TV.

And that's life...