Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Healthy Shopping

I went "healthy" shopping this past weekend. I started at Sam's, because we were already going there, and boy is healthy shopping HARD!!! Ugh. Everything has too much of something. It was also not cheap. I was NOT impressed with spending so much money to be healthy. 

We also went protein shopping. Another sad experience. I have guidelines to follow and a LOT of the "healthy" proteins do not have enough protein, have too many carbs, and have too many calories. Interesting that they can market a "breakfast" drink as a meal when it has 8 grams of protein. I ended up getting a few to try- I like the Muscle Milk the most right now. It's quick and easy; no mixing. 

I'm working on cutting my portions down and eating more fruits and veggies. I already drink like a ridiculous amount of water (no soda) and am working on walking as much as possible. 

Medical update: I got in the pool with my leg to work on some strengthening and balance. It was fun!! I'm am trying to wear my brace 3 times a day for 30 minutes each. That's not exactly working, but I'm doing it AT LEAST once a day, which is more than I was! I can already see and feel a difference!!! Yay! I'm taking my wheelchair fewer and fewer places, but I still need it for "long" distances. I'm still loving working with my youth (who constantly push me to be better) and am going to a conference in a few weeks. My PT is thinking about dismissing me from services- because I'm awesome- unless I get an ankle. I started playing Guild Wars 2 with my dad and am loving it!! Like we need more things to bond over... Haha! I'm still learning a new normal every day. I'm starting to figure out what I can do and how to quickly put on my leg, what feels ok, how to fix things, and all the things I can still do. I can't complain about my life, I'm still happy I have one. I can't believe it's been almost a year since my accident and how far I've truly come. I selfishly like people that haven't seen me in a long time see me walk or climb stairs. Haha! 

Enjoy some random pictures!! 

Monday, July 15, 2013


So I had VBS last week!! I had a blast with my kids and taking pictures. The little children asked me about my leg and this is what I said, "I was in a car wreck and they had to cut off my leg; but, it's ok because I got this awesome NEW leg that has zebra and sparkles on it!" I think it went well. One mol told me her daughter wants a leg like mine. Haha! 

On Sunday I visited a different church with a friend. I took Sister to see if she might like it- we will see. The couple took us to lunch and I got to see a friend from mission trip! Yay!! Overall it was a GREAT week! 

Last night I had Youth, we went bowling- fun! I think the kids enjoyed it. We were going to play mini golf, but it rained ALL day. Yes, I drove in it. Tthen I had a sleep study- not fun. I slept with all sorts of wires on me. This, plus the results, is my final step before I can go in for my weight loss surgery. 

Today I had PT. I had a real and honest conversation about my arm with my brace guy and will do everything I can to wear my brace everyday! If it kills me... 

I think I'm going to change my blog focus to weight loss. I will be honest and deep. I'll continue to update you on my recovery, although it's fairly complete. Ha! So my next post will be shifted more towards that. 

And that's life... 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend fun!

Friday we ran some errands. Dad and I, waiting on Mom and the tax office compared our arms. I got ripped off in the gene pool of skin color... Seriously. We ate at Wagon Wheel BBQ. I had a stuffed baked potato. It was delicious! I wasn't so impressed with the potato salad, though. I guess you can't have everything...  That night Sister and I, along with my BFF and a few other friends, went to a drive in!! Yay! We had to drive waaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere, but it was worth it. We saw Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. They were so cute! I loved the first one of both of these movies and the second one did not let me down. 

Saturday I had lunch with Sister and a friend. On the way there, I pumped my own gas for the FIRST time since last August! After a sub-par meal, we went to see The Purge. It was scary in a psychological I-can-totally-see-this-happening way. I usually don't watch scary movies because I HATE being scared, but this wasn't so bad. I hung out with Sister for a bit, then went home. 

Sunday I enjoyed some father-daughter-bonding then Mom made lunch, steak, for us. Yum! Next, I went to Youth. It was Sundae Sunday and we enjoyed watching most of the movie I rented. Unfortunately, it was scratched, so we spent the rest of the time playing in the gym. I love hanging out with my kids!! When I got home, I contacted Redbox and they credited me 2 movies. I thought that was awesome! Anyways, when I got home, we watched some Next Food Network Star, ate dinner, and went to bed. 

VBS is this week and I am SO excited!!! I love this time of year. I will be taking pictures and checking on my youth. Yay! I was worried at some point I wouldn't be able to go to VBS, but I clearly will! Updates to follow. 

And that's life... 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekday activities!

This week has been fairly low key. 

Monday I went to PT. She made me work hard, like she always does. I had to walk on an incline of grass up and down one way, and then back the other way. Whew! We watched a little bit of TV and Mom and Dad worked on the pool once we got home. 

Tuesday I went with my friend to Oklahoma City. She was going to drive up, visit a mission team, and drive back all by herself. I offered to go with her because that is a BORING drive. So we road tripped! We brought my chair (just in case), but I didn't use it. I walked in the gas station, at the worksite, and to switch cars. Yeah, I'm a little impressed, too! After the road trip, I went back home. 

Wednesday I went to PT again. Again, she made me work hard. And sweat. I do not enjoy sweating... I don't care how "good for you" it is. I did good work, tho. I tried to talk mom and dad into a drive in movie, but they weren't having it. So we want home and I played some Guild Wars 2 (yes, I'm a nerd), and went to bed. 

Thursday was the 4th of July. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Independence Day!! I did! I went to my friend's (the same one I went to Oklahoma with) housewarming party. It was a cute little house, with cute little children, and cute little foods. I loved it!! I walked into, around, and out of her house as well. I got to talk to a few friends and really enjoyed myself! 

Next was on to the fireworks! I conned Dad into going with me to get some fireworks, which he did. By the way, those things are EXPENSIVE!! Oh my gosh! Anyways, I got them and headed to another friends' parent's house. It was out in the middle of NOWHERE, but the whole neighborhood seemed to be doing fireworks, so we were surrounded. At some point there was a fire about 3 miles off (yes we could see it- I said middle of nowhere...). It was pretty bad, but once the fire department got there, they put it out pretty quick. I'm sure that the 4th of July is their least favorite holiday... We shot our fireworks, ate s'mores, hung out with my friends and Sister, and watched the neighborhood fireworks. Success!! It was awesome! 

I hope your week has been as fabulous as mine has been! 

And that's life...