Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great start to my week!

Monday I subbed again and read another book!! Yay! I <3 reading, kids. Like for real, for real.

After school I went to PT. I rocked it, of course! We worked on my walk and picking my knees up. I still really love walking!! Ha!

After PT, my friend came and got me and we hung out with another friend. These girls got me through college and I'm proud to call them BFFs!! We talked and laughed and I felt the most normal (and giggly) than I have in a long while. I just love and adore my friends. I don't know how I got so lucky, but somehow I did. I love their bluntness, snarky comments, and compassion. They are awesome!!

We ended up ordering Chinese food and watching Easy A. Amazing! We joked about the movie and got home entirely too late. I love girls night!! It was like a night out of a movie, except more awesome and more hilarious!

Tuesday morning I got up to go with Mom for a meeting. While she was inside, I took a nap in the car. I was tired from girls night. Haha! It was a glorious nap!!

After that, we went to a doctor's appointment for me. I was supposed to get an exam, but she let me off the hook because of all the trauma I've been through. Yay! She prescribed the medicine I needed and we went home and took a nap. Yeah. We were tired today.

After our nap, we went to Mama Mia's before my dietician appointment. She told me I was doing well and we talked about "post-procedure" diet dos and don'ts. It was enlightening.

After my brief meeting, I met my leg guy so he could buff the top of my leg. When I sit in the car and lean my leg against the door, the prosthesis and door rub a hole in my pants. Since jeans and pants are such a commodity for me, I can't have this. So he buffed the edges and smoothed it down. It's awesomer (that's a word) than it was before, now!

After a TON of traffic, I barely made it to PT. We worked on strength and a little bit of walking. She made me walk out of the building when I left so she could see how I went!! Yes! I did very well.

When we got home, Mom made us some meatball sliders (http://www.delish.com/_mobile/recipefinder/meatball-parmigiana-sliders-recipe-mslo0511). They were sooooo yummy!! The best part is, they were easy to make, too. That's my kind of meal!!

Now I'm off to bed because I am SO tired!!

And that's life...

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I spent another exciting day in lockdown. So far I've read 3 books. I'll call that productive!

After my 8 hour read-a-thon, Mom and I went home and made dinner. Dad grilled us some hamburgers and we made some quinoa, kale, and chickpea salad (http://blog.naturebox.com/post/46506488385/quinoa-kale-chickpea-salad). It was actually pretty good, but could've used a little more seasoning.

We decided to go see a movie after that. We went to see The Croods. It was actually really good! I liked the message and thought it was super cute!! One of my BFFs went to the same movie and I saw her and her friend after the movie. Ha! Small world.

On Saturday I got up and ready to go to my cousin's birthday party, but we kind of missed it. We were running late, which is not a surprise, really. My grandma and a family friend did come and talk to me while we sat outside the party. Haha!

Mom and I did a little shopping and she got me ice cream! Yum!! After the errands, We went home and I left to go see my seester.

We hung out and played Little Big Planet. It reminded me of old days and made me feel pretty amazingly normal. I loved it!! She rearranged so I could more easily get around her apartment. After we played, we saw Pain and Gain while we ate and drank. It was funny, until it got really serious. I'm not sure I liked it. It's also based on a true story which is scary and kind of sad in an ironic way. Ha! Afterwards I got a cool ranch taco- my first one. When I first tried the nacho cheese taco, I said they should make a cool ranch one; just like the commercial!! Ha! It was very tasty!

On Sunday we all got up and went to church. It was a good sermon and some people returned that haven't been in a while. It was so nice to see them!!

After church, we went to Spring Creek for lunch. It was soooooo scrumptious! I love BBQ!! We headed home and I got ready for Youth. A friend came to get me because Mom's car was in the shop and Dad was golfing.

We had a great time at Youth!! We talked about friendship and I used Mean Girls for examples. Ha! It was awesome!! We also played a few games. The kids played duck-duck-goose and I thought it was too boring, so I had them quack and flap their "wings" while they were being chased. It was amazing!!! Don't worry, I recorded it. Hilarity.

When I got home, Mom and I made dinner. We had some spinach and artichoke grilled cheese (http://joythebaker.com/2013/04/spinach-and-artichoke-grilled-cheese-sandwich/) and a salad (http://www.ivillage.com/white-house-salad-biggest-loser/3-r-319466). Delish!! I really liked them both! We watched some Nikita while we ate, then I went to bed.

No major insightfulness tonight, sorry. I'm just working through everything day by day. The kitchen is small and reminds me that I'm not 100%. I love to cook and bake and can't really do it so well right now. I'll get there, I know, but the waiting sucks.

And that's life...

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I spent all day Wednesday subbing in lockdown. It was just me and 1 student. She was good all day, but I was exhausted by the end of it. I mostly read and redirected the whole day. Pretty awesome!

After subbing, Dad came and got me for PT. I didn't walk as much because I was sore- over 500 feet after almost 9 months of NO walking is a LOT!! Totally worth it. I did some standing exercises and the arm bike. I did walk a little, but not as much as Tuesday. It was great! They kept talking about my gait (how I walk) and that I have to learn this, that, and the other. I kept reminding them that this was, in fact, day two. Haha!

I fell asleep on the way home which is new to me (because of my anxiety in a car). When we got home, we watched the Rangers and I went to bed early.

I repeated pretty much the same day on Thursday. I was, again, the sub for lockdown. I read another book and redirected. My book was fabulous!!!

After school, Mom and I got water and stopped by home. Then, we went to Sams!!! We needed to pick up some "bulk". I rolled myself the whole time and was quite tired by the time we left.

Not too tired to eat at Mexican Inn with Mom, though. I ordered one of the yummiest brisket burritos I've had!! It was amazing! We went home and went to bed after that.

Dad told me that he was amazed and saddened that I was adapting so well to using my wheelchair with seeming ease. He's glad I'm adapting, but sad that I have to. I have to agree. I used to look down and wonder how was I ever going to adapt and learn how to put on a prosthetic leg EVERY DAY and to walk. But it just happens. I adapt. That's the only option I give myself. I don't allow too much self pity. Occasionally I feel it creeping in, and sometimes I even give into it. Most of the time, I forcefully push it down and remind myself how far I've come and how awesome (not self-congratulatory) I am- or so people say. I also remind myself that it could have been WAY worse and it wasn't.

In the hospital, Mom and Dad used to say how thankful they were I was alive. I always shook this off because the thought, "There are worse things than dying," always came to mind. I thought it might have even been better to not have suffered and not seen my parents suffer for me. Keep in mind, please, that I am in NO way suicidal. It was just always a fleeting thought. The good news is, I no longer feel that way. I feel strong. I feel confident. I feel like my life is finally going where it's supposed to. I feel happy. Who knew that such a tragedy could produce such joy in my life? I guess there really is sunshine after the rain. Thank God for my rainy days so I can enjoy and appreciate the sunshine!!!

Thank you again for reading, praying, thinking, loving, believing, and pushing me. It means everything to me.

And that's life...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday- walking- and Tuesday- more walking!!!

Monday I went to see my ortho and... HE CLEARED ME TO WALK!!! Woohoo!! It's been so long, but it's fantastic! My wound is amazingly awesomely miraculously healed! I'm so impressed. I even get to shower with my leg IN THE SHOWER now!!!

I think I needed to hear him say I'm good to go before I could actually trust myself and my weight on this leg. Now that I have it, I'm golden!! Weird how our brains can control everything else about us...

After the doctor, we drove alllllllll the waaaaaaaay out to McKinney to see my leg girl. Wow, she is out there!! Haha! She adjusted my socket by shaving down the back a bit and realigning some of it. Also, it turns out Stumpy McGee has shrunk so much that I need a 5-ply sock. Oops. I wasn't using any which could be why my leg felt weird to wear and a little uncomfortable. It's all good, now, though!!! I took a few steps for her and was amazed that I could do it.

We stopped for some "famous" sno cones on the way home!! Delish! I got Tiger's blood and cream.

We went home and stopped at JoAnn's for duct tape (for Texas Ranger, my walker) and Papa Murphy's for dinner (to take home). When we got home, I walked around the living room a bit for Dad; that was the Facebook video most of you saw. That's right. I walked. In my living room. Yeah!!

I got up on Tuesday so my leg girl (same one) could bring me my new foot. I now have a split-toe (for flip flops) foot. I'm so excited!! She switched it out, made some adjustments, and watched me walk some more. We talked a bit, then she left.

I decided to watch some TV, and then made a sandwich. After that, I took a nap. I was exhausted for some reason...

When I got up, I got ready for PT. dad came and got me and we were off! I walked around the PT gym about 4 times. I apparently kind of throw my leg out and around instead of bending my knee to take steps. I have to relearn how to do everything. I have to practice using "high knees" when I walk. I think I was kind of a lazy walker before; I have to learn to NOT do that now.

When we got home, we read until Mom got home. Then, Mom and I made dinner- Philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers and white asparagus. I have to admit that the white asparagus is a bit bitter, but we wanted to try it. The peppers were SO good!! They were also fairly easy to make (recipe here: http://www.quickneasyrecipes.net/philly-cheesesteak-stuffed-bell-peppers/). Yum yum!!

We ended our evening by watching the Rangers and reading.

And that's my awesome, kick butt, amazing life!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eye Shadow Tutorial and Weekend Fun!

So I decided to do a quick eye tutorial since a few people have asked. It's mostly luck, I swear. The whole process takes about 12 minutes, and since I only wear eye make up, that's pretty good for me. Always do the lighter color on the inside and the darker (smokier) color on the outside. Make mistakes and clean up the edges- I do!

I start with an eye base and then an eye shadow base. I put them both on with my finger and I use them both because my eyes are so much brighter with the base and the eye shadow one is supposed to keep your shadow from creasing.

After the bases, I put on one color across my whole lid. Since I used the base (and I'm lazy) I don't add the color below the brow or at the inside corner. I realize in the picture you can't see what I did since I didn't close my eye, but it's just one color. I don't use special eye make up (although I would LOVE some Urban Decay) or special brushes (unless I'm feeling extra fancy); I use cheap eye shadow and whatever applicator it comes with. Next, I add a darker color- which should always be on the outside- to the outside of my lids. I start from the middle and work my way out. I go a little further than the edge of my eye and bring it to the bottom a little for a faux liner look. I don't want them to be too pointy, so sometimes I have to clean up the edges a bit.

After my shadows look blended, by literally just using my finger to blur in the middle, I use some eyeliner. I thinly (this took some practice) line the top lid as close to the lashes as I can get it. I take it out a little further and do a small bit underneath where the shadow is. I use small, short strokes to make the lines.

Next comes mascara. I have a confession, I own like 7 mascaras. I love them and use different ones all the time depending on the look I want. I always wear more than one coat; always. When I'm done I brush them out with an eye lash comb- that I bought 6 years ago (Sonia Cashuk- Target) that has metal bristles. I also ALWAYS brush them out to separate them.

When that's all done, I clean up any sloppy edges- and I always have some- and take a picture!! Easy peasy.

Friday- I got up and read for a while until Dad got off work and picked me up for dinner. It's the Friday after pay day dinner and no one was going out, so my "aunt" and "uncle" decided we should go to Greenwood's which is a German place. Yum yum yum!! Dad and I split some delicious beef stuffed pork shoulder and potatoes and red cabbage. They give you two different home made breads to eat. My friend, and Dad's work colleague, let me have some of the potato pancakes because her husband got sick and had to sit in the car. They put sour cream and apple sauce on them. Now, I know that sounds weird, but it's actually SUPER delicious!!! I have a rule to try anything- food related- once, so I HAD to try it. I'm glad I did!

Sister met Dad to come get me after dinner. She wanted to hang out with me, so she came and got me. We went to J. Gilligan's and had so much fun singing with the guy on stage. My BFF came and she hung out with us too! We had a blast!! Seester took me all the way back home and then went home herself.

Saturday I got up and Dad and I went to lunch. We ate at On The Border and had some yummy food. We went home and Mom was finally back!! Yay! I missed her.

Then, Mom and I went to HEB to do some grocery shopping with my new menu and shopping list. I wheeled myself the whole time! There were so many people and I was definitely tired afterwards. Ha!

Not too tired to go out, though. Sister's boyfriend's BFF (I know...) was in town so we hung out with him. It was very enjoyable!! We also got tacos from Taco Heads which is an amazing food truck!!! When we were done, I went home.

We overslept on Sunday, but I did make it to Youth. Haha! I worked on the calendar for May for before heading out. My favorite helper and 3 kids were at Youth. We spent most of the time talking about the kids' lives, mission trip, summer, and life in general. It was so nice to be able to just talk to the kids.

Dad took me home and Mom had made (Burgundy free range beef) burgers. Yum! A friend of mine from church made me some Mac-n-cheese and we had that delicious dish, too!! After dinner, I convinced Dad to take me out for some ice cream- since he had promised me on Saturday. We enjoyed our ice cream on the way home. Rocky Road shakes!!

We got home, read, and went to bed. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning with my ortho. I'm hoping for GREAT news!!

And that's life...

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I got up on Wednesday and Mom called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with her... Dumb question. Yes!! So she came and got me and took me to lunch. We ate at Babe's and I had the all vegetable plate- see how healthy I am? Haha!! I'm sure those veggies are super good for you...

After lunch she took me to work with her and I read. We did this for a while until it was time to go. We went home only to realize that the Internet is still out (we will get a new modem on Monday)... So she couldn't do any work or play on the computer. I tried to turn the TV on, but it wouldn't pick up the signal. That's no bueno.

Dad came and took me to Youth. We made some doves for the kids to wave around (like on Palm Sunday) on Pentecost Sunday. It's a pretty cool idea!! I got to talk to the kids while they worked.

When we got home, Dad magically fixed the TV. We don't really know how. So we were saved!! We watched some TV then I went to bed and read.

Thursday morning I woke up only to realize the electricity was out. Are you kidding?! No Internet, TV, or electricity? Wow. So I went back to bed. When I woke up, the electricity was back on. I could NOT live in "the olden days". I think I would not make it... I got up and read until Dad came and got me.

I went with him for his weekly golf scramble. Mom left for San Antonio this morning for a conference and I didn't want to stay at home, by myself, allllllll day. So I went with him. We had to drive about an hour and a half and drove through my accident site. We spent the whole time there and back singing (fairly bad most of the time) to our favorite songs.

I rode in the cart and talked to Dad's golfing buddy. He got me popcorn and we talked about my recovery, the playing (or lack thereof) of golf, and church. It was very pleasant, although cold!!!

We ate at Chili's for dinner when the golfing was over. It was blessedly warm at the restaurant. After all the wind and cold, I was ready to be warm. Haha!

When we got home, Dad and I both went to bed to read.

P.S. Enjoy my fun golf pictures!! Dad rode on the back of the cart sometimes... Ha! The sun was so pretty. I'm always amazed what great pictures my phone takes!

And that's life...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday- I got up and went to see my ortho. He said my leg looks fabulous!!! I'll take credit for that since I'm the one doing the healing... Haha! I go back next Monday and he could possibly clear me to walk!!!! Yay! PTL!!!

Actual conversation:
Ortho: How does it feel when you take steps?
Me (trying not to look guilty): What do you mean? I haven't taken any steps.
Ortho: Yeah... So how does it feel?
Me: Well it doesn't hurt. That's good, right?

He knows me too well...

After the ortho, I went to Mom's work with her. I got all signed up to be a sub (just waiting on one reference letter) and read while she worked. Then we went to lunch at Applebee's. It was pretty good!

After lunch, Mom took me to PT. I worked on standing and toe taps. I can do the toe taps better when I do the right (amputated leg) then the left in quick succession. I think it's because I don't have time to think or psych myself out. Hmmmmm...

We got Papa Murphy's for dinner. It's apparently half price on Mondays with a school ID badge. I got the vegetarian, so I eat more veggies, and we got some cookie dough and a s'mores pizza for dessert!! I, of course, couldn't wait to get home to eat some cookie dough! Mom ran into Walmart and I ate some cookie dough while I waited. Haha!

Mom: You can get salmonella from raw cookie dough.

Me: I love salmonella! It's a great way to lose 10 pounds!! Haha!

We went home, ate, and watched some TV. I showered and went to bed exhausted!

Tuesday a friend came and got me and we went to the Magnolia Cheese Co. for lunch with two other ladies. It was just as good this time!! We also tried a chèvre cheesecake, which is made out of goat cheese and had candied sage on top! So scrumptious!!

Next, we went to Central Market (which is a bigger and fancier version of HEB, so you know I was excited!). I got a few things like cous cous, a peanut trail mix for Dad, some Love Dip for Mom, some fried green bean chip things, and some "orphaned cheese". I did fairly well! It's soooooo easy to overspend there...

When I got home I took a quick nap then headed to PT with Dad. I worked on shifting my weight to my right leg. It's still so hard!! Like I start over every time. Ugh! It's so frustrating. It will take time to trust my right leg I guess.

I met some friends, a baby, and Sister for dinner at Hibachi. It was so fun and yummy!!! We had a great time catching up and reminiscing. I enjoyed myself! Our waitress was less than awesome, but the actual hibachi guy was amazing!

When I got home Dad and I watched the Rangers game. I read some, then went to bed!! I am so tired.

And that's life...

P.S. The last picture is what the "magic pixie dust" looks like. I have to sprinkle on my leg on Wednesday and Friday (if there's any left). Just thought I'd share!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Weekend

Friday- On Friday I slept in and waited around until 3 for my friend to pick me up. I painted my nails while I waited. This church friend took me to Bethlehem Center for the birthday party there. The kids at this center are usually disadvantaged kids; we have VBS there in the summer. Ever-so-often our church has a birthday party for all the kids in certain months and gives them a cake and present. It was really sweet and heartwarming! The kids were SO excited!! When we first got there, a little girl informed us that today was her birthday and was so happy! She was precious.

When I got home, I went to meet my seester for dinner. We went to Olive Garden and had a most delicious, and actually fairly healthy, meal. We enjoyed a lovely waitress and a couple of drinks. When we were finished, Sister said she wanted Marble Slab. So we went there next. We got our ice cream, mine was chocolate with peanut butter, marshmallows, marshmallow cream, and almonds, and then sat in the car and talked for like 2 hours. I love that crazy girl!!

I went home and watched some TV, and then headed to bed.

On Saturday I got up and had to go to a leadership training meeting for the summer mission trip in Waco. Now if you know me, that means I will stop at West, Texas, for some kolaches!! Yum! The training was super informative and helpful. I really enjoyed it and meeting everyone. I met someone from one of my BFF's church who reads my blog! She was so sweet!!

Afterwards, we stopped for kolaches (told you)! I got some dill bread and a couple of kinds of kolaches- to share- and we went back home.

I went with Mom to go visit a friend. While we were visiting, my sister came and got me and took me with her to Dallas. We want to a few places, then went to another place in Ft. Worth. I got to see 2 of my BFFs!! Yay! I had SUCH a good time!

Sunday morning no one wanted to get up, so we all slept in. When I finally got up, I started getting ready for Youth. I got to Youth and 4 boys showed up. We aired up some basketballs and volleyballs, but then the needle for the pump broke. So I let them play a while longer in the gym. They seemed to be having a good time! I led them in a discussion about worry and anxiety after we cleaned up the gym. It was a GREAT discussion! I was impressed.

Mom came and got me and we went around our town to look for sheet metal. I need a piece for a project I'm going to do. It's "we will take any and all trash day" tomorrow, so people had lots of weird stuff out. We didn't find anything, but think we have something in the garage that might work...

After we got home, we all watched some TV and ate dinner. Later, I (finally) did my taxes. Talk about stress! Ugh.

I have a doctor's appointment with my ortho in the morning. Prayers for clearance to walk, please!!

And that's life...