Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 166

This morning I got up and got ready for a day with the grandparents! First order of business: breakfast. Now, I told you I take advantage, right? I had my grandfather make me ANOTHER Egg McWilly!! This time it was on an "everything" bagel from Central Market (where they went yesterday). Ummmm... Can you say "yum"?! Yuuuuummmm!!!

After that, we loaded up in the car and they took me to HEB. I love grocery shopping and love HEB. So I was thrilled. Also, I'm happy to be OFF bed rest! My grandfather and I hid from my grandma until she took too long to find us (I don't think she cared if we were hiding- she was shopping). I saw these cute little baby apples and took a pic. Ha! Enjoy that. Imagine baby caramel apples with fewer calories! That's what I thought of anyways...

We walked around the WHOLE store just looking around at all of the stuff. Then, we found this cool little clip that you can use for cooking. You clip it to the side of your pot and it holds your spoon. Pretty ingenious invention! My grandma told my grandfather that she was thinking about getting one, but that she'd wait... So, he got it for her and we surprised her with it when we got home!!

After the store, my grandma and I made fruit salad for tonight's dessert. Now, I LOVE me some fruit so a bit of it never made it into the bowl... She cut up pineapples, papaya, nectarines, plums, peaches, apples, bananas, kiwis, and grapes then added some lemon juice and sugar. Boy was that a great dessert!!! She had some left over grapes so I froze those for a later snack! We had a little nap, then it was time for supper.

We had hamburgers for dinner when Dad got home. Again, scrumptious! Mom was working a game tonight, so she ate when she got home. Then we took some family pictures which are below!!

And that's life...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 165

This morning I went to the doctor, and, drum roll please... THE SKIN GRAFT TOOK AND I AM WOUND VAC FREE!!!! Woohoo! He said it looks good and that I can start PT on Monday. I'm so super excited!! He left the yellow stuff on the donor site, but said as it peels I can cut the yellow stuff back. It hurts like crazy, though!! It feels like I was drug across the gym floor and then onto and across the carpet- twice. Ew.

After the ortho, we went to see my lawyers. I feel waaaaaay more educated than I did and am confident they are doing a good job. Unfortunately, I have I start paying stupid bills. Ugh.

We met my grandparents at Babe's for lunch. You can't go wrong with the food there... Delish!! I had sweet tea and the tenders. Yum. We also watched them do the Hokey Pokey- lots of jokes there. Haha!

We went home and sat around until it was time for Youth!! That's right, I'm off bed rest and am on a roll! Woot!! We had a great and thought-provoking conversation about Lent. It was fantastic! I'm so proud of my Youth children. Also, my two awesome teachers were there who I LOVE seeing!

After Youth, I wen home and watched some TV and visited with the family.

Today I was loving the sun so I took some pictures. Also, I downloaded a new app, Bokehful, that makes cool effects on my pictures- especially sun pictures!! It was $0.99, but worth it for the girly touches it adds. Ha! Love it!!

And that's my amazing life!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 164

This morning I woke up and my grandfather made me his famous Egg McWilly breakfast sandwich!! It is my absolute favorite breakfast item that I take advantage of when I see him. Ha! He usually puts it on an English muffin, but I like it on a bagel. It was delicious!!

Next, my grandma and I sat around and wasted time until everyone got home. She made me lunch, a bagel sandwich, and cleaned a bit. Then she started making dinner- enchiladas. Yum!! Today was a great food day! Mommy brought me some chocolate milk home so I had that for dessert!

This is my last day of bed rest (hopefully). I go to the doctor in the morning and can't wait!!! I had a nice last day of bed rest. My friends' son "wrote" me a thank you note for coming to his birthday party a while back. He's so sweet!!

And that's life...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 163

Today my grandma and grandpa (the one who made Peggy) came to visit!!! Yay! I haven't seen them since graduation last year because they live about 11-12 hours away. They're going to stay a few days with us.

I spent all day in bed... Duh. When Dad came home, he moved me to the living room so that I could be in there when my grandparents got here. When Mom got home- grandparents were already here- she made stuffed bell peppers with cous cous and a basil sauce (adapted from a Food Network recipe). They are my favorite!!! They were sooooo good. Also, I had leftover pot roast on a sandwich for lunch. Yeah, buddy!

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm in a terrific mood!!!

My sister and her boyfriend came over after dinner. We chatted for a while and then our grandma taught us a new game. It's called Fantan, here's how you play:

Deck of cards and pennies for each player (bring your own), needs 4 or more players (although we ended playing with 3)
Shuffle the deck.
Pass out cards until deck is done- if each person doesn't have the same amount of cards, each player that is short a card puts a penny in the middle.
Each person antes a penny.
*suggestion* Put cards in number order in each suit. Ace is low, King is high.
The player to the dealer's left starts first. You start with a 7, if the first person doesn't have a 7, they put a penny in the pot. The game MUST start with a 7, and then you build your decks like in the picture.
The next player can play either a 6 or an 8 of the same suit. You continue building the deck up and down- if you don't have a card to play, you put a penny down for your turn. If you have a 7 and can't play another card, you HAVE to play it.
You play until someone runs out of cards building each suit up and down (from King to Ace). Each person that doesn't win the round has to put a penny in for each card they have leftover.

I really enjoyed it, although I love games!! After that, we talked some more and went to bed.

And that's life...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 162

After a fairly sleepless night, I woke up this morning to my Mom insisting that we could do the whole "shower thing" without any problems. I told her again and again that I can't. Apparently I'm quite the rule follower- at least when it comes to my health. I specifically asked my doctor if I could shower (shouldn't have asked...) and he explicitly told me 'no'. Therefore, I haven't showered and hadn't planned to until I was cleared. A sponge bath I could do, but no shower. So after about 10 minutes of no's, Mom asked my doctor if she could wash my hair in the shower with the wand thing while I faced away from the water. Ha! He said YES!!! I hope he didn't just give into me, that's not cool. However, I was soooooo happy to have showered!!

It's really quite amazing what a shower can do for someone. I remember in the beginning of this whole ordeal wishing I could just soak in a hot shower and let the water clean me of the wreck and its consequences. Of course you know how I felt when I finally DID get to shower. "Glorious" is the word I believe I used. That's how it felt, almost other-worldly. Anyways, after the shower my mood and spirits were quite lifted!!

After that, I sat around- I'm still on bed rest- and played on my tablet and worked on youth stuff. I got special permission to attend the parent meeting I had planned for tonight. My ortho asked what I would be doing at the meeting and Dad had told him just that I was conducting it. I'm not real sure what my doctor thinks I do all the time; run around? Haha! See what I did there? I sit in a wheelchair all day (for now). I finished up my youth stuff, got dressed and went to youth!

The lesson part of youth got off to a slow start, but ended well. The parent meeting went pretty great I thought!! I found out that one of my parents (a parent to one of my youth) is an avid and faithful blog reader. That really made my heart smile!!! I also got a cupcake from a parent and youth duo!! Yay! By the way, it was scrumptious and, because I'm an adult, I ate it BEFORE dinner. I'm such a rebel. Haha! All the plans are now laid out for February and most of March. Woot! Go me.

When I got home, I did some more bed rest... Only THREE more days!!! Mom made us roast for dinner, which we could smell before we even went into the house, and it was DELICIOUS!! Dad made perfect mashed potatoes to go with it. Best meal in a while!!

And that's my life...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 161

Today was relatively dull. I stayed in bed all day and either played on my tablet, checked Facebook, and/or watched TV. Only a few more days until I'm (hopefully) free!!

So I'm not in pain, but my (right) leg is aching to be stretched out. I'm not supposed to use the muscles in my leg to give the graft the best chance it has. I can't even bend my knee. Every time I woke up, my leg was trying to stretch out. You know when you stretch out your muscles in the morning and your muscles seem to kind of take over and stretch themselves? That's what my leg keeps trying to do. Haha!

My Ace bandage came off my leg today and I got to scratch some. It seems like such a small thing, but it was sooooo needed!! After about 3 minutes, Dad wrapped it back up. Ugh. Soon!

I talked to my aunt today on the phone. We made a plan to sit down with one of her friends soon and have a girls night. Ha! I love my aunt!!

Like I said, it's been a fairly uneventful day. I guess that's better than crazy, though.

And that's life...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 160

Today I did some more sitting around. Haha! Duh. Bed rest sucks!! Anyways... I tried my hand at painting- fail. I am crafty, but I fear I will NOT be a painter. Ever.

My grandparents stopped by to bring me lunch and see me today! It's been awhile since I've seen them and it was great to catch up. They brought me Babe's chicken!! Seriously, that is some of my favorite food! Yum!!!

I watched some TV today while I was attempting to paint. I saw some Bones, a Transformers movie, and some Comedy Central. I have been so good and compliant by actually doing the whole "bed rest" thing. I'm just a little, ok a lottle, proud of myself!!

I took off the clear part of my bandage from the donor site. Now the icky yellow stuff is exposed and will be until it falls off. Oh joy. The site doesn't really hurt, but burns occasionally. The other leg is ok; no pain, really.

When I got bored today, I went home shopping on Pinterest. I was looking for fun stuff to put in the house of my dreams, which I plan on building. I love "building my dream house" and taking a short break from reality!! It's nice! I also looked up some quotes so I can be inspired. Yeah. Go me!!

Someone commented last night that, "This too shall pass... I mean, one week? You're at day 160!!" You know what? She's right. I have been worried about "time lost" and need to start thinking about experience gained and what the future holds. I can't let myself get down because I'm on bed rest for a week. After this, I should be MORE mobile than I was before. Probably even more than before this whole ordeal!! I can do this! I can be strong! I can kick butt!

Dad told me last night that I am strong. He said I take every challenge that is thrown at me. My PTs, doctors, and parents constantly throw out challenges and I take them head on. I don't like doing something new for the first time, but then I have it down forever. I push myself to be better and get better! That will prove helpful when I start walking- which WILL be soon!!!

The "text conversation" at bottom made me crack up for like 10 minutes!! Hahahahaha! I did not have this conversation, but I sent it to my sissssstaaaaaa so she could enjoy it, too!

And that's the life I choose to live...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 159

In honor of National Peanut Butter Day, I ate a Nutella and peanut butter sandwich and a PB&J for lunch today! Both of those are delicious on a regular day, but were EXTRA special today. Yum!!

I did end up getting out of bed today and into the living room to sit on the couch all day. It wasn't really too much better... I was still bored. Ha! Dad came home on his conference to move me and all my stuff to the living room. He was so nice and helpful!!

I spent all day watching TV. I started and finished (what's up) Downton Abbey on Netflix! I thought it was a pretty good show, although maybe off to a slow start. I like the developing characters and plot.

I am having trouble with this whole "bed rest" thing. I seem to be lacking inspiration and motivation that I can do this. I hate the knee immobilizer, which I have to wear until next Wednesday. I'm struggling with not being able to be active and move around. It's hard to have your mobility taken once, but twice really sucks. I am trying to remind myself that this is for a week and IS the next step to being free.

I'm a little less sore than yesterday, but fought with a ferocious headache all day. I'm trying really hard not to use the pain meds unless I NEED it, and so far I'm ok. My doctor said my bandage can come off the donor site tomorrow, but the icky yellow thing has to stay... Ew. Also, he confirmed I canNOT shower. Double ew. I'm going to try to resist, but I doubt I'll make it. If I can keep everything dry, I'm going to try to shower. Don't tell!!

We ordered pizza for dinner because Mom was at a basketball game. Now we are watching some shows- Arrow!!

And that's life...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 158

Today was fairly boring since I'm on bed rest. I can literally get up to go to the bathroom and that's it. My leg is propped up and I've been napping/watching TV all day. Mom stayed with me this morning and made me soup for lunch!! Yum! Then she had to go to work.

Since today is National Handwriting Day, I wrote a letter to myself (with my favorite pen). Sorry it's so crooked, but I write crooked and apparently take pictures crooked... Also, I have terrible print, so cursive it is. That will be most of my post today since it was so uneventful. Ha!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 157- Surgery #22

After a fitful night of sleep with panicky dreams and multiple potty breaks, I got up this morning and showered for the 3rd time in 24 hours. I got dressed and all three of us headed to the hospital. We had to be there at 5:15 so we could wait for about 45 minutes to be called back. Crazy, I know!

I get back there and the party begins. Everyone comes to talk to me- nurse (one of my faves), OR nurse (who thought I had a great sense of humor), anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist nurse/student (who got to eat breakfast and taunted me with the bacon, eggs, and pancakes he'd had), ortho (who threatened to admit me if I couldn't do bed rest right), chaplain, liaison (my favorite one), etc. When I got back there I had to go potty, but it's an older wing of the building and not really ADA compliant. So we had to find a bathroom I could use. It took 3 tries. Haha!

The nurse blew my first vein when trying to put in my IV. It wasn't her fault, but it's bruised (see pic) and it hurts! I never thought I'd miss my PICC line... I kind of do, though. The IV line was a pain (literally) to get going. Then I got my "margarita" and relaxed a bit.

My nurse shared with me that she thought about me sometimes, but especially after her car accident. She flipped her car in December and walked away. We talked about how she was lucky and that I am too in my own little way. Her car looked worse than mine did. I'm just happy she's ok!!

They rolled me back there and let me move myself to the table. I got LOTS of oxygen and more "margarita". Next thing I know, the guy is telling me to take deep breaths and the too familiar feeling of the anesthesia drugs took over.

I woke up in post op to a very nice nurse. She fed me ice chips and got my parents for me. They don't want you to rub your eyes after surgery, but your eyes sure want to be rubbed. Haha!! I have to wear a knee immobilizer brace for a few days (pic below). I'm not too happy about that... I'm sure I'll live, though. My ortho came by and told me there was a complication and he had to tape up to my hip... He is such a jokester! He knows I hate tape and I know he loves it, so we pick on each other about it. Ha! However, everything was fine and I was sent to recovery.

Now recovery is new to me because I always just went back to my room/was admitted to a room. They let you eat crackers and potty and change. Then they discharge you. This is when Mom left and went to work; Dad took the day because I needed an adult with me. I'm not sure he qualifies, but they didn't question him.

Dad loaded me up in the car and we were off! That's right, it really WAS outpatient!!! Woohoo! We stopped and got my prescription, which took almost an hour- ridiculous. Then he drove me to a-whole-nother town to get me lunch. I was supposed to eat light, like soup and sandwich, so I wanted Schlotzsky's. Dad and I split a sandwich and I got cheese and broccoli soup. Yum!

After that, I passed out until about 6. It was some goooooood sleep, too. I'm already ready to go back to bed, though. Haha! My only real complaints so far are a sore throat and a yucky taste in my mouth. However, I ate some homemade tomato basil soup (from a church member), and that taste is going away!! I haven't started being in pain yet and hope I don't have to be. There's a picture of my bracelets I got to wear: name, allergy, and fall risk. I told the nurse of course I'm a fall risk... That happens when you only have one foot. Haha!

I did ask my ortho if I could go to youth on Sunday for two hours because I have a parent meeting planned. At first he seemed leery, but when he came to see me after surgery he said I could go. Yay!!

And that's life and hopefully the last surgery...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 156-Pre Op

Dad and I saw my ortho this morning. Apparently my leg looks good and better, but we're still doing the skin graft tomorrow. I asked him (jokingly) if he could cross the graft to make like a cross, but he said that probably wouldn't work; it will be a thinner piece this time, though. He said I'll have to be on bed rest for 7 days. I asked him if I had to and he said he could just admit me. I told him I would be the "ultra compliant" patient and be good. By the way, this totally ruins the plans I had for this week... He told me that my arm/elbow is better, too, and already back (or super close) to the "functionality range". Woot! He also said that the people in the the OR ask about me more than any other patient... Haha! I guess you never know when you're going to make an impression!!

After the ortho, we went to pre-op for tomorrow's surgery. That took FOREVER!! You'd think they would store all of people's answers in the computer and just asked if anything's changed, but noooooo they have to ask me all the questions AGAIN! Seriously?! Yes. Ugh. When we finally finished the questions, it was time for a blood draw... Now, you know how I feel about blood draws; I hate them. However, this lady did a GREAT job and didn't bruise me or anything!! I didn't even cry! She was awesome!!! Also, my blood pressure and heart rate are back down to normal without the medicine I was taking!! Yeah, I'm that good! I learned I have to shower tonight AND in the morning with special soap stuff. My surgery is at 7:15, but I have to be at the hospital by 5:15. I live 45 minutes away. Plus, I have to shower. Hello 3:30 am. It should be a sin to have to get up that early!! I don't think it is, though.

Next, we talked to my grandma on the phone while we drove. It was so nice to talk to her. It's her birthday today!! We sang to her on the phone! Haha!! When I grow up, I want to be like her. All the neighborhood kids go to her house. She makes Christmas cookies and lets the kids decorate them. She taught me how to dive. She taught me how to cook (and shuck corn). She always had the most random, but best toys, like Linkin Logs. She volunteers at a hospital. She's an inspiration! Plus, she puts up with my grandpa!! Haha! Kidding. They're both pretty great!

Lunch was on the agenda after that (since it was almost 3). Spring Creek Barbecue. Go ahead, be jealous. Waiting... Waiting... Ok, you're over it. Ha! It was, of course, delicious!!! Dad and I love, love, LOVE BBQ! Mom and I try new stuff, and Dad and I stick to the classics. It's a win-win for me- though maybe not my figure... Haha! Oh well. We went home and took a nap before PT.

We went to PT and she stretched out my arm again. We started with the arm bike and moved to the 12 pound, or 2.5- whatever, ball. Then, she made me sit on the core ball (the big one) AND do my arm with the little ball!! I think I did pretty well considering. We also did some standing and exercising while standing. She measured my elbow at 30 degrees!!!! Yay!

Next, we went to Academy to look for tennis shoes because I hate mine. One day I'll need both, but for now I just use one. Then, we went to Half Price Books because I'm going to be on bed rest for a week. Let's stop and a take a second... Uuuuuggggghhhhh! I haaaaaaate bed rest!! Ok. I'm done. I had to get some books to read while I'm chillin' at home by myself for 7 days. Fun times... After I purchased my books, we went home and pretty much straight to bed- 3:30 comes early, you know.

And that's life...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 155

This morning we attended "Round Up Sunday" at church. I, of course, dressed up to the best of my ability. I rode my trusty steed (my wheel chair) and even bounced a little and held the "reins" so it looked like I was actually riding a horse. Haha!! We got to eat brunch and I got to catch up with some people I haven't seen in quite a while.

After church, we did some grocery shopping- poor choice. Everyone and their mom was at the store!! Ugh. We couldn't find a handicapped parking spot, so Dad dropped us off and parked waaaaaay out in the parking lot. Anyways, we got what we needed and headed home. Mom made us some BLTs, then I took a nap.

Mom took me to youth because some needed to borrow her Cricut. We had a great lesson with some really good discussion with my youth. I was so pleased! Plus, I had more kids than usual!! Yay! Mom and I stayed after to help our friend with her project.

When we go home, another friend and her two kids were there. She decided she would teach Mom how to make chicken and dumplings!! Now, I don't usually eat those because they're too much like soup (which I don't eat unless I'm sick), but I heard they were delicious! It was a really good visit.

After they left, we watched some Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off- we finally finished Walking Dead because season 3 isn't on Netflix yet. I will go to bed tonight praying that my ortho will tell me I don't have to have surgery on Tuesday. **crosses fingers**

And that's life...
P.S. for your viewing pleasure, there's a great picture of my sister and me as kids. We were so stinkin' cute!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 154

Today I got out of bed after sleeping in for quite a while. I got ready for the day, and then my sister came over!! I haven't sen her in a while because of work/her being sick. She's better, now, though. I was soooo happy to see her!!

All four of us went to lunch at a new place, Hideout Burgers. I was actually really impressed!! The burgers were delicious! The place was decorated very eclectically. It was hodge podge, but really well done. I enjoyed it! They have "adult" milkshakes that I'm going to go back and try when I get all healed. We tried to get a picture of Dad, Sister, and me, but it was waaaaay too bright and we kept closing our eyes.

We came home, and Mom, Sister, and I went to see my favorite nurse! It was her parents 50th wedding anniversary and she invited me. I have missed her so much!! It was so so great to see her again, and her parents are adorable!

When we got back home, we ended up sitting around. I made a poster for a fellow youth director of mine. I think it turned out pretty well!! I even used a ruler! Ha! It's one thing to make art for yourself, and something different entirely to make it for someone else. So I tried to make sure it was nice and straight and pretty.

We ate dinner and watched some Walking Dead. I put together some pictures that show before and after; all before a are on the left and afters are on the right.

And that's life...