Monday, August 11, 2014

4 Month Progress

So I've finally hit 4 months and feel amazing!! Seriously, why didn't I do this earlier? Oh, right. Because I thought it would change my life. It has, but in such a positive way that I do not regret it. At. All. I will post my progress pics in case you missed them on Facebook. A lot of my clothes don't fit well, which is a blessing and a curse. It's an expensive problem to have. Ha! Luckily I've gotten a lot of "pass-it-on" clothes from friends. 

Dad had some issues a couple weeks back with his kidney. This severely stressed me out. What did I do? I ate. But, and here's where I've made progress, I ate half a sleeve of graham crackers and some cheese. That's it. Even my stress snacking has become healthy. Who am I? Oh yeah, the 64 pound-lighter-version of me!! Woohoo!!

So my progress, other than my brain which has changed dramatically, is a total of 64 pounds and about 13.5 inches (I'm probably not measuring the inches right, but whatever)!! I think about what I'm eating now and how it will impact my calories. I take my vitamins (I did this before, too). I drink most of my water most days; I have a new addiction to tea. I still track ALL of my food. I drink 2 protein shakes a day.

Let's talk about this protein thing for a second. I am losing hair. Like handfuls of hair. Not like, oh that's a little more than usual. Like in amounts that I'm surprised I'm not bald yet!! Jeez! So I upped my fish oil, biotin, and protein. It's not so bad. I think it's also working, which is GREAT!! I don't think my hair is growing anymore, just thinning. What?! Is the surgery still worth it? YES!!!!

I constantly see people and want to tell them how awesome I feel and how awesome they can feel, too!! Have the surgery if you're contemplating it. Do it. Do it. Do it. It makes EVERYTHING better! I can actually go grocery shopping in a store with little sweating (for super long trips I still can't, but I'm working on it). I will be able to stand up in my friend's wedding. I can walk up a flight of stairs and still breathe. My seat belt has more space; I can lean up and get something and the seat belt doesn't lock me out. It's amazing what changes. DO IT!!!

Now for the important stuff: exercise. I'm about to start exercising. For real. I don't cringe quite as much when I think about it anymore, yet I haven't started running marathons either. Dad and I are going to work on exercising. I need to shake up my routine if I want results, I guess. If you change nothing, nothing changes. Right? So I'm going to start actually trying to exercise. Why is it so hot, though? It's actually been a mild summer, but it just started getting REALLY hot. Suck it up, I know.

I did have a little melt down the other day in the car. I saw a black car that had just been in wreck and had the front in all smashed up. I stopped breathing for about 2 minutes and then cried until I got my heart to start working again. It was awful! It felt so close to what my car was like. I was instantly flooded with all the images of hospitals, ambulances, amputations, etc. Just writing this is giving my goose bumps... I prayed for like 3 minutes that everyone was ok and that they would quickly recover. I hope I don't have to see a car like that again. I know better than to look, but I was talking and wanted to get home and looked- like an idiot. I will try not to look ever again. Ugh.

Other than that, my life has been peachy!! I went on 2 mission trips this summer, I've seen most of my friends, my cousin came to town, I've lost weight, I swam a few times, I did/do yoga, I've discovered tea, I'm awesome!! What more could I ask for?
And that's life...