Thursday, May 30, 2013


Wednesday I subbed in lockdown again. I spent my time reading and redirecting. We did have three slight reprieves when we went to the lab for some computer work. I also got some Youth stuff done. Woot! 

We went to a retirement party after school and ate some of the cutest snacks! Then Dad picked me up, with neighbor girl in tow, and took me to Brookshire's. It was the last night of Wednesday night church until summer is over and we were celebrating by having snacks. Yum! I "slaved over a hot stove all day" making salt and vinegar chips and brownies. Ha! I enjoyed getting to talk to two of our new youth and hanging out with all of the kids!! 

Thursday I slept in because I had no job. I got up, read, showered, and then got distracted by The Next Food Network Star before I watched some of my shows (Once Upon A Time and So You Think You Can Dance). One of the SYTYCD episodes had all weather recorded over it, so I missed the second episode. Boo!! I have to wait 30 days before they release the online episode. Instead, I watched some of Betty White's Off Their Rockers. It was hilarious!!! It's this show where old people prank young people. Haha! I was dying laughing. 

When Mom finally got home, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had dinner; Dad was golfing, so he ate somewhere else. I walked into and out of the restaurant and sat in a booth! I got home and went straight to bed. I'm still tired somehow... 

I'm still working on getting my stamina and endurance up for walking. It's sometimes painful for me; my doctor and therapist know about the pain and think it's normal. I have to develop a callus on my bone, and it's not that fun to do. One day I'll be able to walk all day, but I'm not quite there yet. 

And that's life... 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday we slept in until it was time for Mom and I to run errands. Dad played golf so that left the afternoon to us. I did some church stuff, lunch, and then we visited my new friend who's an amputee. She is doing SO well!! I imparted the knowledge I had and even walked a little for her. 

We saw this truck driving down the street... It said "position open" and had a space for a new stick figure wife. Haha! I almost died laughing!!! 

We made some stuffed patty pan squash- it was SOOOOO good! Yum!! We watched the Rangers and then went to bed. 

I subbed on Tuesday for lockdown. I got to read a lot of my book while the girl worked. After school Mom took me to PT and then Dad came so she could go back to work. It was an evaluation day. I walked, did about 16 steps up and down, balanced on my right leg, and we measured my elbow. It's not doing as well as it could be; it's my fault, though. I've been SO focused on walking, I've been neglecting my elbow. 

After PT, Dad and I went to HEB to get a snack and some ingredients for dinner. We stopped by Little Elm Farm (yeah, I'm shouting that out) and got some squash blossoms for dinner. Sidenote: we bought the patty pan squash from them as well. We made some delicious blossoms and yummy portabella mushrooms. Dinner was scrumptious!!! 

We are watching Silver Linings Playbook then going to bed. 

And that's life... 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I live for the weekend!

Friday I slept in. Dad was off so we just lounged around for a while. Then, we got up and ran some errands. We ate at Spring Creek, went to the pharmacy, and stopped by the Apple Store to get Dad's phone fixed; the camera was messed up. We also went to Walmart to pick up some stuff and headed back home. 

I left for Sister's apartment after that. I took my BFF and we played Cards Against Humanity. We had SO much fun!! I had baked some brownies and brought those with me. They were delish! 

Saturday I finally dragged my butt out of bed and Dad and I ran some more errands. We ate at Pastafina and stopped by Walmart- Dad forgot something. I got more food for the night, too. 

When I got back home, I got my stuff and headed out for another game night with my two BFFs, one BFFs boyfriend, and my seester. We had a blast! I came home and crashed after the night was over. 

I got up on Sunday to eat lunch. I read some and played on my tablet. Then, I decided we were going to go see Iron Man 3. It was EPIC!! I totally recommend it! We stayed through the credits and the ending was just that, the ending. No sneak peek or anything. Womp womp. 

I rested my leg most of Friday because of the OK trip and swelling. I walked into and around my friends' apartment on Saturday night and took some steps on Sunday. I'm really enjoying being able to walk without a walker- it makes things easier! 

I had an awesome weekend full of laughter, love, and fun! Everyone is off tomorrow, so I'll sleep in again. I do have some plans, though. Be on the lookout! 

And that's life...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday were in OK

Wednesday I got up and finished packing for a trip to Oklahoma. We are going there this summer for mission trip and I was invited to go check out the church we would be staying at and the surrounding town. 

Mom and I started the morning looking for her phone... She left it on top of the car while she loaded my stuff up. Then we drove off. Yeah. We finally found the phone after looking for about 30 minutes. It was about 2 miles from our house, and the case protected it. Yay! Of course I locked it and we couldn't get it unlocked until it was reset- fail. It was, however, unharmed. 

When we finally got to her school, I read while I waited to be picked up. I showed off my new walking skills to a few people while we waited. My friend picked me up and we headed to Chili's for lunch. I walked into the restaurant without any help and enjoyed a delicious lunch and excellent conversation.  

We went to another lady's house and loaded in her car to make our way to Oklahoma. When we finally got there, we checked into our hotel and ate dinner. We talked most of the night and then went to bed. 

The next morning, Thursday, we got up and went to see the church. It's perfect for mission trip!! The town, school (for showering), and church are just what we need. We spent the day touring the church and school, and then drove around the town to check out where stuff was. We ate lunch and went back home. 

Mom picked me up from the lady and we ran some errands. We decided to eat dinner at Rio Mambo- yum!! We split some appetizers and then went home. I slept so well!! 

It was a fun 2 days. I am shadowing our center director (the one in charge of our living center for mission trip) so that I can be a center director in the future. She's very patient with all my questions and am enjoying helping her in any way that I can. I didn't have too much trouble traveling until the end of the day, which I'm sure has to do with my foot and stump swelling. I used my wheelchair and walking for the whole trip. 

And that's life... 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jump start to my week and confidence!

Monday I got up and went to lunch and then the doctor. Daddy and I split a delicious lunch and (free-my favorite kind)  dessert. We met Mom at the doctor. I WALKED (with Texas Ranger, my walker) into his office, much to the admiration of his staff who I love! He looked at my leg, thought it was awesome, took some X-rays, and said he would see me in 2 months. Woohoo! I even had to pay a co-pay (suckage) because it's been SO long since I've had any type of surgery. Go me!! 

Next, we went to Joe T. Garcia's to set up for the 8th grade banquet for Dad's school. I had to go to the bathroom while I was there and my wheelchair wouldn't fit into the bathroom... So I got up and walked the three steps to the stall with no assistance. When I realized what I did, I walked back to my chair, then rushed outside to show Dad!! 

I texted my PT that she better get ready to be amazed... I got to PT, did the arm bike, than made her follow me to a long strip of the room. I got up, walked about 7 steps, turned around and walked back to my wheelchair. Her jaw dropped!!! She thought I would maybe walk in with my walker, but NO! She was supposed to switch me to a cane... I apparently just skipped  that step all together!! Yeah! She made me walk around the PT gym one way and then the other. When I went around the second time, I had to do a set of steps and stand on one leg in the parallels bars. Woohoo!!

We went back to Joe T's for the actual formal. I enjoyed some hilarious company, excellent singing, good dancing, and great food! When it was all over, I stepped into the car! Usually, I turn and put by butt on the seat, put my weight there, and then swivel around so both legs are in the car. This time, I stood on my right leg and lifted my left leg to get in. I was SO proud! 

We want home and I went to bed because I was exhausted! 

Luckily, I had no jobs on Tuesday and slept in. When I got up, I read while a storm raged outside. We lost power for about an hour at some point. Ugh. 

We had Road Runner Eggs for dinner. They are chicken breast stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon- YUM!! We also had Mom's famous corn casserole. 

I got a text to come play Cards Against Humanity (the inappropriate version of Apples to Apples). So, of course, I went! I had so much fun with my friends!! We laughed and joked and had a fabulous time!

I got home and CARRIED my walker and bag in the house over the two front steps. Then I showered and went to bed. 

And that's life... 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend fun!

Saturday morning I got up and headed to church to conduct mission trip training. I decided we were going to build birdhouses because it combined cutting, drilling, and mailing all in one project. Although we got off to a slow start, we finished with 6 awesome birdhouses to sell at Lord's Acre in September!!! Yay! 

After the hot and sawdust-filled morning, I went home and took a nap. I got up later and got ready to go to a birthday party for my friends' husband. Her daughter, one of my BFFs, was flying in from West Virginia for the occasion. I ate some amazing venison burgers, talked to 2 of my besties, drank some adult beverages, and had a stellar time! I loved it!! 

I was outdoors for most of the day and didn't die or get too much nature on me! Score!! 

On Sunday we went to church and I WALKED into the building!! Woohoo! We had an excellent sermon and I talked to some of my church peeps and youth. 

After church, we went to lunch (El Fenix-YUM), Ross, Michaels, and Home Depot. No time for a nap. Ugh. I made it back to church in time for Youth! We spent the 2 hours labeling tools for the mission trip and talking about high school life. I love my kids so much (even though they occasionally drive me crazy...)!!! 

After Youth, Mommy took me to Brookshire's to get some ingredients for dinner. We had the most delicious and perfectly cooked kabobs! Wow!! I helped Mom make them when we got home, and Dad grilled them for us. Our lovely neighbors brought us brownies which we devoured for dessert. 

I am loving getting my independence back. I kind of liked being babied again, but I'm really enjoying gaining back my confidence and self-assuredness that I felt I lost. I've always been fairly independent, and this whole experience has taught me to allow others to care for me, but also to do what I can by yourself. I'm a HUGE giver and am trying to learn how to receive as well. It's harder than it sounds for me. I think it goes back to that whole "control freak" thing I was born with. Haha! I'm learning; slowly but surely. 

And that's life... 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

End of the week recap

Wednesday was a blissful day of rest. I spent the day reading and then went to Youth. There were like 12 kids!! Woohoo! We played in the gym with the children and ate hotdogs. I took my little neighbor girl to and from church by myself. 

When I got home, there was a tornado watch. Dad and I camped out in the hallway until it had passed. We sat there for like 2 hours... Wow! There was no damage done to our house, but the ditch across the street did overflow onto out front yard. Needless to say that the rest of the week was HUMID!! 

Thursday  and Friday I subbed for regular classes. Both were at the high school level and both went extremely well! One teacher left plenty of stuff to do and the other left the ending of The Hobbit for the kids to watch. What a great two days! 

Friday night I went to hang out with a friend of mine. We were celebrating another friends' graduation. I had a blast!! I walked up 2 steps for her and we talked the whole night. Sister and her boyfriend were there, too. After all the fun, I went home and slept. I need to learn to go to bed on time. I think I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. Haha! 

I am really enjoying my life and all the   craziness that comes with it! My friends and family are extremely supportive and I always feel loved. The circumstances suck, but the outcome is worth it! 

And that's life...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I didn't even mind that it was Monday!

Monday I got up and took Dad to school. I then got ready and met my friend at her office. We went to lunch at Cracker Barrel (I got eggs in a basket) and then had dessert at The Cupcakery downtown. We had such a good time and got to talk and joke!! I did all of this WITHOUT my wheelchair! That's right, I WALKED the WHOLE day!! Woohoo! 

I did have to adjust my liner once because it was almost falling off. It's already like 4800 degrees here, so I was sweating quite a bit. So much so, that my liner had slipped down my leg some. I'm going to have to talk with my leg guy about a different anti-perspirant. 

After hanging out with my fabulous friend, I went to pick up Dad at his school so we could go to PT. We stopped at Sonic and I accidentally ordered him a Diet Doctor Coke... He wanted a Dr. Pepper. Goodness!! I think I was starting to tire out. Haha! 

I showed my PT my stair walking and did some arm strength exercises while mostly standing or walking the whole time. Then, we practiced balancing on my right (amputated) leg. Talk about difficult!! Ugh. I was so worn out when we headed home. 

We stopped and got Papa Murphys on the way home. Mom cooked it and we watched some Hawaii 5-0 and Elementary. After a fulfilling an exhausting day, I slept a wonderful 7 hours. 

On Tuesday I was called to do lockdown again. So I went to work with Mommy. I spent the day finishing up half a book and starting another. I had a delicious lunch from the lounge and enjoyed an array of deserts. Yum!! 

After work, I went to PT. She had me walk around the building. Outside (nature-ew). On an uneven surface. That slanted. And went uphill. I'm a boss!!! It was about 400 yards; I took 3 breaks. I know, I'm impressed too! I took my leg off so she could look at Stumpy McGee. She said that although he was so so sweaty, he looked really good! Yay!! 

After PT, I headed to the hospital to see a friend. This woman knows a mutual friend of mine and found my blog while I was still in the hospital. She contacted me and kept up with my life. She was worried she would have to have an amputation some day; that day came Monday. I went to visit her because I felt called to do so. I had never met her, but I wanted her (and her husband) to know that it will be ok. A new normal will eventually occur and life will go on. I was a little worried that I would react badly to the hospital atmosphere with someone who had just had an amputation, but I did fine. I really am ok with this whole crazy situation. It's very comforting to know. 

Anyways, I talked to them and explained everything I could. I referred them to my prosthetist and the home health care place I used to work for. I told them to contact me at anytime for anything- really- because I want to help them any way I can. I think the husband was more comforted than she was. Either way, I'm glad I could help. 

Next, we went to On The Border for Taco Tuesday!! Yum yum! I took off my leg and let the couple see my liner, socks, leg, foot, scar, all of it. So I had to put my leg back on before eating- I feel weird without it now... There was just one problem, I have to pull my pants down to get the liner on my leg right. So, I did in the parking lot. Haha! Dad shielded me while I adjusted my wardrobe right there in front of the restaurant. The funny thing? This is NOT the first time I've done something like this. I live a crazy life!! Ha! 

When we got home, Dad watched the Rangers while I read then went to bed. What a satisfying 2 days!! Can't wait for the  rest of my week! 

And that's my crazy, unpredictable, super fun, and love filled life!! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another fabulous weekend!

On Friday I spent another half day in lockdown and a half day in a classroom. It was interesting. I got a lot of reading done in lockdown and basically just watched the kids in the classroom. 

After school Dad and I got Mom's Mother's Day gift; a new bathroom vanity, mirror, and light. I helped pick them out and supervised while Dad installed them. It looks amazing! She loves it!! It was also about the second time I've been in my parents' bedroom since before the accident. Yay!! 

After it was mostly installed, one of my BFFs came and got me to go to another friend of ours house. It was pouring, but she promised to drive carefully- she totally kept her word. It stopped raining about 5 minutes after we left so we felt we made a good decision. We went to my other BFFs house and I used only my walker the whole time. I walked up (and down) about 10 steps and then used my walker the rest of the night. It was awesome!! We had such a GREAT time! She made us cookies, cheese sticks, daiquiris, and bought me Cheese Its. I had an excellent time!!! We played Apples to Apples while we were there, which was so much fun! 

On Saturday, Dad and I got up and went to a gun show. We have learned that we need to know more about guns before going to a show. Haha! Needless to say, I did not get a gun... Yet. 

After the show, we went to Sister's apartment. It was the first time I went without my wheelchair even in the car. Whoop!! They made the most delicious lasagna and Italian cream cake for us. It was SO scrumptious! We raved about it the WHOLE way home. Ha!

On the way home we stopped by a Redbox and got The Perks of Being A Wallflower. We watched it and were NOT impressed. It was scattered and confusing. It really just kind of wasted our time. So many people raved about how good it was, but I don't understand why. 

On Sunday Mom wanted to stay home and relax, so we did. We just relaxed most of the day. Dad and I did leave for a bit to go to Home Depot and Albertson's to get some stuff for the mower and dinner. Mom made us ravioli (before we had a chance to make her anything) in the crockpot. It was soooo good! 

We watched some Arrow and then Dad and I finally planted our flowers. I was out in nature and got my hands dirty and everything! It was a lovely evening. 

I had a wonderful and full weekend!!! 

And that's life...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Midweek festivities

Real conversation between Dad and I after something the radio announcers said about sports...

Dad: Do you know what oblique muscles are?
Me: Yeah, they're right here. *Points at sides of belly.*
Dad: Well those are your external obliques. You have internal obliques, too. When you eat ribs, that's what you're eating; the obliques. 
Me: Obliques are yummy!! 
Dad: *Shakes head and laughs.* I knew I wouldn't gross you out with that. 

Wednesday we started off the day with a flat tire. I was scheduled to sub half a day; so I left when Mom did in the morning since the schools are doing state testing and she was giving a test. I had no way to get there other than being on campus for the whole day. That was lucky for the school. Apparently the girl I'm in lockdown with all day was NOT testing and they needed me for all 8 hours. Lucky, lucky, lucky! I had brought my tablet with me, so, naturally, I read the whole time.

Mom had a meeting after school and I had to watch the student and their sibling while the teachers met. Booooooring! I forgot how many questions younger kids ask! Whew. The meeting lasted sooooo long, that I missed church. I was not very happy about that...

We finally got to go home! We had some dinner, watched the Rangers (we do this a LOT), and I read. I stayed up entirely too late because I had miscalculated my bed time. Dumb dumb. 

Thursday morning I got up with the same intent I'd had on Wednesday; half day lockdown. This time, she really DID have a test. So, I slept in Mom's office until it was time to sub. It was very nice! 

I read again and did my job. On Thursdays they have Chik-fil-a sandwiches for like $3, so that's what I had for lunch. I also got a good old fashioned ice cream sandwich from the cafeteria (which was FULL of rowdy kids, by the way). 

After school, Mom and I got her tire changed. We got queso at On the Border because I had coupon for a free one. It was yummy!! Happy hour happened to be during the time we were there, so I indulged a little. 

After the tire was taken care of, we went to Target. I ran into THREE different people I know!! How crazy. Next, we stopped at Payless. Now, I've been waiting to buy shoes until I know what I can do, but I couldn't wait any longer. I bought a pair of Tom-like shoes and adorable black flats. I'm taking them to PT on Monday to see if I can walk in them. Although I might try tomorrow night... I'm too tired to do any walking tonight. 

We got home and I read until bedtime! 

A little something I've been thinking about lately. Don't get cut, cause this gets deep! Haha! 

I thought that when I walked for the first time I would feel more joy; instead, I felt doubtful, scared, unbelieving. I know I can never go back to "normal", but I guess I thought walking would afford me at least some of that luxury. It didn't. I still feel like something is missing. Like I'm forgetting something. I am still learning. I knew it wouldn't be immediate, but I thought I would feel "healed"- and I don't. I feel one step above wheelchair bound. I just want to be normal. It's all I've ever wanted; well that and my fairy tell ending. Now I'm farther from either of those than ever.  I thought I would feel whole, but I feel just as broken as ever. I just don't know what I should feel or how I should deal with all this. It's almost like I thought walking would make it all better, but it failed miserably. I thought it would make it easy to forget the past and just move forward. Maybe it hasn't sunk in, or maybe it never will. I honestly can't say. I just hope I find my happiness somewhere. And soon. 

And that's life...