Thursday, May 1, 2014

New socket and 35 down!

It's been one month since my surgery. I have lost 35 pounds so far!! 

This past weekend I went to Austin with my sister. It was a fun and challenging trip. Where there is traveling, there is food. I had to think carefully about what I could eat. I mostly ate eggs and the insides of tacos. We only ate 3 meals (it was an over night trip), so that helped a lot. I mostly learned to order with my stomach and not my eyes. I thought that one taco would never be enough- and then could barely finish it. Wow!! I kept reminding myself that I can always order more if I'm still hungry. Fortunately, I'm never hungry after eating; I'm full. 

Also, it's true what they say about not feeling hungry. I don't have that feeling anymore. I have to gage my "hungriness" on my mood or the last time I ate. I could actually forget to eat. How scary is that?! I keep a close eye on the clock for food and when to stop drinking. I'm trying really hard to increase my steps each day as well. 

On Tuesday I got casted for a new socket!! Apparently I lost weight in my face, chest, waist, and stump first. Who knew? So now I will be getting a new smaller leg. Woohoo!!! I think I will stick with the same basic design, but different colors and lace. I love this leg, what can I say? 

That's really all I have to update y'all on, so enjoy these excrutitating (to take) pictures of me. Haha!! 
(I feel like you can see my awkwardness in these pics... Ugh. Also, I see very little difference. Boo!) 

And that's life... 

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