Monday, December 2, 2013

Womp womp.

After spending alllll of Thanksgiving NOT eating, and after watching everyone else eat the yummy snacks and s'mores at our Advent Celebration last night, I'm not having surgery. Yes, it sucks, but it's not the end of the world. I proved to myself my commitment and how strong I can be. I showed anyone who has any doubts how much I want this. I also learned how to better prepare for January. I thought I was prepared this time, but next time I will REALLY be ready!

I will freeze what soup I have left over for after the surgery. I will still practice not drinking 30 minutes before or after my meals. I will be even better next time!

I am not discouraged because I now know that I CAN and WILL do this! I learned valuable self-control and self-denial lessons. And, most importantly, I didn't cheat even ONCE! Go me!!!

Recap of the famine of the last 6 days. Wednesday sucked. I wanted to eat anything and everything I could get my hands on, but I didn't. Thursday wasn't too good because it was Thanksgiving, I was cranky, and I wanted to eat my weight in pumpkin pie; but I didn't. Friday through Sunday were fairly easy. I got headaches from low blood sugar, but quickly learned how to even all of that out by being on a schedule. Being conscious of exactly when I ate made this whole thing so much easier! Now, it wasn't easy, but my "meal" awareness made life less miserable.

I'm still excited and waaaaaay less nervous about the surgery because of this liquid diet. I bet my liver is SUPER tiny!! Ha! Surgery is scheduled for January 15 as of now. Until then I will eat appropriate portions, continue to split meals with Dad, be purposeful in meal planning, and watching when I drink.

P.S. We ate Spring Creek tonight (split a plate) and it was the most divine food I have ever put in my mouth! Delish!!

And that's life... Take the curve balls and knock them out of the park!!

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