Monday, February 17, 2014

They scoped me!

So I know it's been awhile, but I've really had nothing to report... Until today! As you probably know, I switched surgeons. They sent me to have an EGD done at a hospital about an hour from me at 6:30 this morning. UGH! However, it was well worth the drive because it turns out I have a hernia in my diaphragm/esophagus. This means the hospital will split my sleeve surgery with me! I'm pretty excited although the recovery people couldn't figure out why I would be happy. Haha!

Tomorrow I will call and hopefully schedule my surgery for the last time. Again, I'm excited to start my weight loss journey, even though my doctor said that I will have to be on a liquid diet for FOUR WEEKS!! Ew. They do give me a system of protein, which is good for me to just have limited options for "eating". Otherwise, I'll do more debating than anything and then get hangry (yes it's a new word for consideration) and then talk myself out of everything and not eat. He basically said that my BMI is twice what it should be, no shock there, and that my liver is probably twice its normal size. I'm not sure I necessarily agree with this, but I'm not a doctor, so I'll be on liquids for four weeks. After the first three days it's not that bad anyways. What I took away from it- with humor of course- is that I'm too overweight for weight loss surgery!! Haha! How crazy!

I'll keep you updated with any news I hear. I'm one step closer to being a success story!!! Yay!

And that's life...

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