Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Post You've All Been Waiting For...

Who am I kidding?! I've been waiting for it, too!!! After one stress test (lots of sweating, you didn't miss much there) and a cardiologist appointment, which I aced of course (I mean, I had 20-something surgeries; I'm a pro and my heart can handle anesthesia), I FINALLY have a date!!! 

On April 8 I will be having the vertical sleeve surgery. Woohoo!! 

I have to go to a pre-op class, a nutrition class, and have a physical before my surgery. 2 of those will be on the same day and the other one is on the first day of my (still) 4 week liquid diet. On March 11 I will start my liquid diet. That's during spring break... After the first three days I'll be ok. Haha! I think I'm really going to like that I have to drink their protein and not make any choices. 

I cannot tell you HOW excited I am for this to FINALLY be happening!! It feels like I've been waiting forever. I have made a board on Pinterest with new and healthy recipes that I can honestly say I'm eager to try. This will be a tough change for me and will alter not only my waist line, but also my brain. I can't wait to get started!!! 

And that's life...

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