Wednesday, March 12, 2014

April Fools

It's taken me a while to write because I've been waiting for something exciting to happen... Well, it has! My surgery was moved to April 1!! No April Fools Day for me. Haha! 

Also, I took a pre-op nutrition class yesterday. Basically, I stay on liquids for the three weeks leading up to my surgery, and then the three weeks after. Next, I began eating mushy (applesauce consistency) foods while supplementing with protein shakes for protein (duh). After that, I slowly begin adding foods back. 

I also learned from the class that 30-40% of people have to have their gallbladders taken out 2-6 months after their weight loss surgery because of the rapid weight loss. So I'll be having a sonogram to see if mine is ok and if they'll take it out while I'm having my surgery. Apparently they use the same holes and cut through the same muscles. It makes sense to take it out if it seems like it might rebel. Ha! 

I will start my liquid diet today and will drink my first protein shake meal after I get my pre-op blood work done. I'm already feeling starved, but I also can't eat until after the blood work. I'm trying to remember how happy I am to do this and how exciting it is when I get grouchy or hangry (it's a word). This is a small step that will yield great things!! "This time next year" (said in my best good ol' boy voice) I'll be healthier and happier! 

There are lots of recipes for shakes that I'm eager to try. As well as protein ice cream!! Yes I did just buy an ice cream machine and Popsicle molds. I'll let you know all of my favorites! 

I am so excited to do this and can't wait to share my journey!! I'm extremely happy that I get to choose this for myself without life-or-death consequences hanging over my head. This is my decision to make a change for the better, for my life. I choose to have this surgery so I can be healthy. 

Just a warning, if you are not in support of me or have something nasty to say about me "taking the easy way out", save it. Nothing about surgery is easy. Would I have liked to exercised my way thin? Sure. Was I able to make that happen? No. Do I care what you think? No. So keep your negativity to yourself. That being said, I have had only positive feedback and loving support from my family and friends thus far. The closer I get to April 1, the more ecstatic I get!!!

 And that's life! 

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