Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekday activities!

This week has been fairly low key. 

Monday I went to PT. She made me work hard, like she always does. I had to walk on an incline of grass up and down one way, and then back the other way. Whew! We watched a little bit of TV and Mom and Dad worked on the pool once we got home. 

Tuesday I went with my friend to Oklahoma City. She was going to drive up, visit a mission team, and drive back all by herself. I offered to go with her because that is a BORING drive. So we road tripped! We brought my chair (just in case), but I didn't use it. I walked in the gas station, at the worksite, and to switch cars. Yeah, I'm a little impressed, too! After the road trip, I went back home. 

Wednesday I went to PT again. Again, she made me work hard. And sweat. I do not enjoy sweating... I don't care how "good for you" it is. I did good work, tho. I tried to talk mom and dad into a drive in movie, but they weren't having it. So we want home and I played some Guild Wars 2 (yes, I'm a nerd), and went to bed. 

Thursday was the 4th of July. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Independence Day!! I did! I went to my friend's (the same one I went to Oklahoma with) housewarming party. It was a cute little house, with cute little children, and cute little foods. I loved it!! I walked into, around, and out of her house as well. I got to talk to a few friends and really enjoyed myself! 

Next was on to the fireworks! I conned Dad into going with me to get some fireworks, which he did. By the way, those things are EXPENSIVE!! Oh my gosh! Anyways, I got them and headed to another friends' parent's house. It was out in the middle of NOWHERE, but the whole neighborhood seemed to be doing fireworks, so we were surrounded. At some point there was a fire about 3 miles off (yes we could see it- I said middle of nowhere...). It was pretty bad, but once the fire department got there, they put it out pretty quick. I'm sure that the 4th of July is their least favorite holiday... We shot our fireworks, ate s'mores, hung out with my friends and Sister, and watched the neighborhood fireworks. Success!! It was awesome! 

I hope your week has been as fabulous as mine has been! 

And that's life...

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