Saturday, March 22, 2014

I've made it this far!

I've made it this far without cheating and plan to finish this liquid diet up that way. I have about 40 more shakes to drink in about 10 days, and then I will finally have my gastric sleeve surgery!! Woohoo! 

I have been watching tv and doing basically anything to distract myself this week. While I was watching tv, I noticed some of the commercials. They are terrible!!! Not only do they prey on the weak minds of viewers, but they make you confuse like for love. "Try this KFC bowl and you'll fall in love," says a skinny man. Wow. Can you believe that?! No wonder so many Americans are overweight or obese, with commercials claiming that you will fall in love with food. Fall in love. With food. I'm appalled. 

What do our kids see? I'm sure these "meals" are meant to be eaten in moderation and only once a week or something, not for every meal like we tend to eat them. I also saw a Burger King commercial advertising "bigger burgers than before." Yeah, because they weren't big enough... I can't believe we allow this to happen. 

I noticed that before, when eating was an option, I might have had a craving for one or more of these things. However, as someone who is not allowed to eat for a while, I can pick apart the commercials. It's crazy that the whole purpose of these commercials is to make you crave the food and buy it. 

Let's talk a little bit about cravings. I read in my book that I got, that I read cover to cover (that's what you do when you're given a new book in my house), that cravings are all in your head. Hunger is from your stomach, but cravings are from your head. I kind of knew this before, but didn't really comprehend how much they went together until watching the commercials this week. The commercials make you crave the food even though your stomach is not actually hungry. 

I try really hard not to be a pain or need anything special- basically I avoid any extra attention because I am overweight. These really do go hand in hand for me. I thought I would have an extremely hard time explaining that I'm on a liquid diet and that I can't eat. However, I have found some real strength while on this diet to tell people that I am not partaking in the meal. I've felt empowered to not cheat because I'm finally doing something about my weight. How weird. When people forget I am on the diet, I quickly forgive them and drink my shake. I am doing this for me and my future. That helps me stay on track most of the time. Now, I do lean on my family, especially Dad, for strength when I find it lacking; I'm not afraid to reach out when I need help staying on course. 

Anyways, just some food for thought (see what I did there?). Enjoy! 

And that's life... 

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