Friday, April 18, 2014


Yesterday I subbed for the first time since my surgery. I also went golfing with Dad. Now when I say "golfing", I really mean I half rode half drove the cart to each hole in the freezing cold and drizzling rain. It was really fun, though!! I could put his size large jacket on and zip it! I wouldn't have even ever tried that 6 weeks ago. The subbing was a great first day back. I ended up walking over 5,000 steps and drank all my protein and water. I was tempted to cheat at dinner with Dad and his friend because I didn't plan for that after school, but I didn't! Woohoo!! Willpower.

My incisions were not healing like I thought they should be, and I was worried. Since I'm a little leery about infection (I can't imagine why... leg), I went to the doctor on Wednesday.  It appears some of my suture lines are actually infected. So I get to take some delicious (read: horrible-nasty-disgusting-bleh) liquid antibiotics and have a cream to spread on those things. Two days later and they're already looking TONS better!
While at the doctor, you know they weigh you. I am always worried I have gained weight, which seems impossible. It turns out it actually is; I have lost 31 pounds so far!!! I am so excited!! I have a little more to go before I reach my first BIG goal and can't wait!
Today I ate some mushy food for the first time. I made some Buffalo Chicken puree. Now stop judging that picture, it was DELICIOUS! I adapted and "healthified" a recipe from a friend. I was so happy just to chew something!! I will get through this phase by thinking of everything as dip, which this one actually was dip with a lot of protein. To those of you keeping a close count on my food timeline progression: yes, I am a little bit early on the mushy food. Like 5 days. I feel like I'll be ok, though. I will drink my protein for the rest of the day. It was more of a test run for Easter. I used my timer for the thirty minutes before and after the meal to drink my water. I also had no adverse or weird effects.

I was told I can never chew gum again because you swallow a lot of air or you can swallow the gum (which I haven't done in like 20 years). I think this is false. I tried gum because I need to chew. Now, it's sugar free gum, but I chewed it. I regret nothing!! I have always chewed gum. I feel like it really helps me focus and gives me something to do. It's weird, but so am I. 

My biggest challenge has been not feeling full. When you sip liquids, you don't ever achieve that "full" feeling. Ever. If you feel full after drinking, then you drank a lot really fast; something I can't do. I do feel very satisfied after eating my Buffalo Chicken Dip, and that is a welcome change. So is how easy my jeans come off without unbuttoning them! Ha!

I am dropping down my dosage of fish oil. I am having some adverse effects and am pretty sure it's due to the fish oil. So I'm going to skip a day and then just take 2 a day. We will see if that helps, which hopefully it does.

And that's life...

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