Sunday, April 13, 2014


I've been reluctant to write because I feel a little underwhelmed with this whole surgery. I mean, I'm still on liquids and I don't feel any different. It's hard to stay motivated when I feel the same. I have new scars (I think the count is at like 103958383920 million now) and am a little sore on my left side (like I did crunches- ha!), but that's it. It's sooooo frustrating!! I haven't noticed much change yet, although I didn't struggle into my jeans this morning and my ankle isn't swelling as much. Maybe these are good signs... 

However, I did meet with the doctor on Wednesday to get my itchy staples out and found out I've lost 27 pounds since starting my liquid diet!! Woohoo! I feel like I should've lost more, but I guess not. My pouch is also working perfectly and not leaking or anything! I'm trying to remain focused on my goal and not scratch my belly very much. Turns out I'm probably allergic to adhesive. Around each incision it's read from the sticky stuff and so super itchy!! They put a patch behind my ear to help with nausea, which I took off as soon as I got home, and it left a mark. The first pic is right when I got home and the second is tonight. 

The best part is I still get to sleep on my tummy! I thought I would have to sleep on my back for a while. Turns out I don't! Since I get little to no sleep that way, I'm a happy girl!! 

So after being on clear protein about 4 days, I switched to what they call "full liquids". These include soup and protein shakes. That's it. Just those two. Jeez!! Also, I have to be on them for 3, yes T-H-R-E-E, weeks. After that, I get to to go puréed foods with an "applesauce" consistency. This may sound unappetizing or gross, but I assure you that I am THRILLED to move to that step!! Every time I "eat" my soup my stomach kind of cramps up for a second. I've been assured this is normal and will pass. I sure hope so because I really don't like it!! 

At first I had trouble getting all my water in. I know, that's nuts. I was having lots of gas come back up and a little pain even though I was trying to sip. So I switched to my Camelbak water bottle with the bite valve and now I drink most of my water everyday! I'm not supposed to be drinking with a straw, but my Camelbak removes almost all of the air out of the water and works for me. Plus, I'm conditioned to see my water bottle, check how much I've had, and drink. It's the little things that make alllll the difference! 

I have to take a LOT of vitamins now. 1 multi-vitamin, 3 grams of fish oil, vitamin D, B-complex, 2 Pepcids, and my allergy pill. Sheesh! It wouldn't be so bad, but I chew my multi and B, but have to individually swallow the rest. My fish oil takes 2 pills at EACH meal to get it all in. Needless to say, I'm getting about 2 grams right now; morning and night. The Pepcid I take morning and night, too. I take the allergy pill only at night and the D only in the morning. It's hard to remember everything. Also, I have to chew the occasional gigantic fiber- gross!! The bright side is that after 6 weeks post-op, I'm allowed to swallow regular pills and can switch from these tiny or chewable pills and get some of them all in one! Also, I don't have to take iron which sounds like I would gag if I had to chew it. 

I know this pic is in one of the others, but I think my neck looks skinny, so I'm going to post it again. Haha! 

That's all I've got for now. Feel free to ask any questions. I'd post pics of my incisions, but it freaks some people out. Ha! 

And that's life... 

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