Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two Days Post Op

Not gonna lie, I felt a bit of regret while still in the hospital. Every single muscle hurt and I kept dry heaving. It was horrible!! 

However, I woke up today, walked some, and have kept all my liquids down. Woohoo!! I have been awake all day and am trying to force down some clear protein in tiny sips. Talk about torture!

I'm feeling much better today; like a smaller truck hit me instead of a Mack truck. For those of you that know me well know that I hate soup, but today I even ate some broth!! Yay salt!!!! 

I also have not had any pain meds today. I hate taking meds if I don't have to, so this pleases me immensely. 

I have six incisions that are stapled shut. They look like they let a child staple me up. They're not in a straight line or anything. I'm also pretty bruised on my stomach. There is sticky stuff everywhere and I am ready to get all of it off!! Ugh. 

I watched some tv between walks and protein. Laughing and sneezing is excruciating; I'm ready for that to be over. 

Overall, I'm still excited for my new life! I have had many people check on me and lots of people praying for me. I could not ask for better friends or family. I am extremely blessed and thankful for all the kind words and prayers. 

And that's life...

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