Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Start of my Week

Monday I slept in. I had an appointment with a sleep study doctor- for the weight loss surgery. He was... Over informative. It was a quick visit, though. 

I headed to PT afterwards. She worked on my arm and streeeeeeetched it out! It looks like I'm finally gaining the muscle I need to extend my arm. Yay! I'm working hard... Ugh. 

We ran to Walmart for some last minute mission trip items. I only lack 2 mops from what I can tell. Woohoo!! It's coming up pretty quick! 

Tuesday my leg girl came. She extended my leg by about an inch and a quarter. No wonder it wasn't fitting right!! Ha! We think Stumpy McGee finally shrunk enough to sit all the way in my socket making my leg seem too short. She made some other adjustments that make my leg waaaaaaay easier and more comfortable to use. 

I got Dad some lunch and ate with him. Then I stayed for a while listening to him teach- I still love it! I left for a meeting with the center director I'm shadowing for mission trip. 

I walked into the church and into the kitchen so we could work. No wheelchair. Yeah!!! We figured out all of our teams and chatted a bit. One more thing DONE! 

I picked Dad up and we went to PT. I walked into PT- I told you the leg felt better- and then to all the stations she had me do. I did a set of stairs and some arm-strengthening exercises. Then, we went outside. Ugh. I walked around part of the building and to the car. In total, I walked 3/4 of mile for PT alone!! I probably totaled at least a whole mile for the whole day! Go me!! We got smoothies from Smoothie King as a reward for all my hard work! Yum!! 

We ate dinner and then Mom helped me with some mission trip stuff. After my crazy active day, I fell fast asleep. 

And that's life... 

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