Thursday, June 6, 2013


Wednesday I woke up early to go with Mom to work. I had a meeting at 10 and needed to borrow her car. I got myself in and out of the car as well as driving it to and from the meeting. When I got back to Mom's building, we went to lunch. Then, she took me home. 

I accidentally left my phone in the car- ugh! So I had no way to contact either parent... I finally sent an email from my tablet to let them know that I didn't have my phone. I watched TV and read the rest of the afternoon and evening. 

Thursday morning I got up bright and early because Dad convinced me to go watch the staff vs. student baseball game at his school. Unfortunately, it rained; so the kids had basketball and volleyball free time in the gyms. The kids ate lunch in the hallways, which was weird, then headed to the staff vs. student volleyball game. The staff dominated the student body in 2 games, but then the 8th grade athletic kids beat them by 2 points in the final game. The coaches bought the staff pizza, and we went on our merry way. 

I ran into an old teacher of mine, whom I love. She hasn't seen me in a while, and was happy to hear that I'm doing better. Yay! I also talked to another of Dad's staff members. We were talking about how school is different here from his home city and country. It really is quite interesting to hear about someone else's culture. He is so sweet!! I also got to talk to a good friend of mine (Dad's colleague) for a lot of the day. I really enjoy talking to her and being in her company. 

After school, Dad and I went to a local bike shop (Spokes). They aired up my tires and took a look at another wheel. They were so nice and helpful and answered all of Dad's questions. We then went to Office Depot and Target to look around. We stopped by HEB for a snack- which we ate during the short drive and long train wait. Once we got home, I fell asleep. 

After a short nap, Mom came and got me for graduation. I watched a few of my youth walk the stage tonight to begin the next phase in their life. I almost cried... I'm just so proud of them!! Like I'm their mom or something; they are all such great kids! A couple of my other youth walked in the past week and I'm proud of them, too. I feel lucky to know them and can't wait to see what God has in store for them all!! 

After graduation, we took Mom's friend home, got dinner, ate, and went to bed. 

And that's life...

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