Monday, June 24, 2013

My Week of Mission Trip

So we took off last Sunday for mission trip. This happens to be my favorite (and possibly most griped about) thing to do every summer! I love to see the kids get to know other youth and I love to meet new people; both things took place on this trip!

We went to Sapulpa, Oklahoma to help the community there. We stayed at a church and had food and worship every night. I got to know some fantastic people and learned a LOT!!  

The first time I took a shower in the "handicapped" stall, I was underwhelmed. The seat was coming off the wall and I was not about to trust it to hold me. So I took a metal chair into the already cramped space and showered the best I could. This was one of my big worries... It all worked out alright, though. 

One day we took Popsicles to all of the work teams out in the heat. I got out of the car and walked to help deliver them. I walked across grass, dirt, pavement, driveways, steps, and different inclines. I have to say that I was SUPER impressed! The next day I had to use my wheelchair most of the day, but could easily walk again the following day (two days after walking a ton). 

Monday night's worship I gave my sermon. I didn't cry, although it came close, and the people laughed, looked interested, and clapped when I finished. I guess it went well. I was nervous- no lie. I don't really have a problem talking in front of people, I just don't usually like to bear so much of my soul to large groups of people. I guess it all boils down to I don't want to look weak. I have issues, I know. Anyhow, I thought it went pretty well considering. I had some help writing it and am happy I chose to get it. Ha!

I did some serious reflecting this week and will have to change some things in my life. I am going to start talking anout my faith more and try to "walk the walk" more as well. That's not to say I'll be a whole different person, it just means I'm changing some things. 

Everyone knows I love kids, even though I tell them I don't. Ha! I got to spend SO much time with my wonderful youth and see them grow in just a week. I could not be more proud! Everyone there took care of me and helped me do whatever I needed. Since this was the first time I was away from my family for any length of time, I was grateful for the help. This trip taught me that my new normal is enough and is working!! 

There was a girl in my center (the church we stayed at) who was also an amputee. She had cancer a few years ago and we swapped amp problems and stories. She was amazing!!! She uses forearm crutches and can get around better than some kids that were there. I was impressed. She kept telling me how awesome I was and I kept being floored by what she could do and that NOTHING kept her back. She climbed a ladder, swam, danced, and even served communion; she was a ROCK STAR!!! 

Sometimes God speaks to me in different ways. Most of the time I listen. This week I was ready to hear anything that was said and heard a lot. I can't wait to continue on this journey and to see where it takes me. 

I had a wonderful week and met some people that I will be friends with for a long time. I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. I am excited for what the future brings! 

Each day I had a different pithy tshirt. 
Sunday- awesome Get Swag (saved with amazing grace) youth shirt. 
Monday- Jesus Saves Bro (for my sermon). 
Tuesday- Check Meowt with a cool cat wearing some shades. 
Wednesday- My dad has the most awesome daughter in the world. 
Thursday- Mr. Rogers- It's all good in the hood. 
Friday- Keep calm and swag on. 
Saturday- mission trip t-shirt. 

And that's life... 

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