Sunday, June 2, 2013


Friday I subbed in a math class. It was surprisingly fun! The kids were hilarious, but I was reminded that I do NOT want to repeat high school. Ever. Ugh. Gross! Ha! 

I went with Dad after school to get some fresh Parmesan from HEB to re-make the tilapia we had earlier in the week; it was a success!! After we got home, I took a quick nap, and then headed to hang out with Sister. 

We decided to go see Hangover III. It was pretty funny! It tied the other two together without the craziness of the first two. It was definitely worth the money! After the movie, we hung out at a local grill and talked until closing time. 

Saturday morning Sister came and got Mom and me for some shopping. We went to Dallas and visited about 9 "vintage" stores. I was not impressed. Ha! It seemed like the stores just had random, read ugly, stuff to sell. Also, it was a pain to get me in and out of the car and be able to maneuver the tight shops. Boo! We had dinner at Maggianos thanks to some gift cards we had. Yum!! 

That night I got my BFF and we went to Sister's apartment for another game night! We had a blast!! It was really fun! 

Sunday was interesting. We had game night at Youth, which I love! The kids played some line tag- think Pacman in a gym- and mafia. We also played some board games. They convinced me to play Chutes and Ladders. What is the point of that game? Patience? It was ridiculous!! 

We had dinner, got some stuff for girls' night, and went to bed. What a fun and productive weekend! I did lots of walking and wheeling. I'm still building up my tolerance, without rushing it. Maybe I should play more Chutes and Ladders so I can learn more patience... Haha! No. 

And that's life... 

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