Friday, June 14, 2013


Wednesday I was a sub for a half day at Dad's summer school. Since it was only half day, I got Dad some lunch. I got him the best lunch ever!! We had a Schlotzky's Original sandwich and a rocky road shake from Braum's. Yum!! 

After work we ran by Home Depot for some paint thinner wipes- weird, I know. I'll let you know how they work out... We also got some bolts for my closet since my organizer fell. 

We ate dinner which Mom and I made while we watched the Rangers game. 

Thursday I subbed again. Mom came and picked me up so I could meet my friend for lunch. We ate at Sushi Axiom and caught up. We then headed to Starbucks to work on my sermon. I walked in there and even got in a 15 passenger van- I rock!

After we were done, Mom and I went to the church to make sure we had all the tools ready for loading the vans on Saturday. I had some other things to do there, too. 

After we cooled off, we decided against cooking and went to Fresco's for dinner. We tried duck tacos- delish!! It had this sweet and spicy marinated stack of onions and was served with guacamole ranch. I had a taco salad with smoked brisket and guacamole ranch for dinner. I love their food! I also saw a guy that I used to work with waaaaay back in the day who recognized me!! It was a great evening. 

We got home and I was exhausted- heat is no joke. I worked on typing my sermon and went to bed. 

And that's life...

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