Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Weekend

Friday I spent the day catching up on sleep and lounging and reading. It was blissful! At about lunchtime, Mom came and got me. We ate lunch, visited her friend who just had knee surgery (got some paperwork signed), and then came home. 

Dad took me with him to get his oil changed. We looked at cars for a while, then went inside. We ended up seeing a therapist there, getting her oil changed, from my PT place and talked to her a bit. It was a very pleasant conversation! 

When we got home, we watched 2 movies and went to bed. I am pleased to say that these movies were actually good picks! We watched Warm Bodies and Escape  from Planet Earth. Both good in their own way. 

Saturday we got up and went to a graduation party. Again, I am SO incredibly proud of my kids. I am really going to miss them. After the party, we went to HEB to get a few items for mission trip. 

We sat around for a while, then went to Dad's end of the year dinner at Pappadeaux! Yum yum yum!! I had some delicious shrimp brochettes with rice. They were amazing!! 

I left when we got home to go hang out with Sister. We played Little Big Planet and watched Guilt Trip. Another fairly good movie! It was a little chick-flicky, but was really cute. I went home and got in the house without any help and without either parent waking up. Score!! 

Sunday morning I presented some of my seniors with their bibles. It was very moving and, again, I was on the verge of tears. We had a reception afterwards that had some delicious cupcakes!! 

When we got home, Mom helped me go through some medical kits for mission trip. It was a hot and nature-filled task. Ugh. 

I went to Youth next. We filled 100 bags with 2 scoops each of Gatorade- a boring task, but one that we lightened with fellowship. I walked around the gym with the kids. It was fun! We talked about the rules, summer plans, and life. My kids are GREAT!!! 

I went home, read, and we watched The Hunger Games (for me, again- I saw it when it came out). Then we went to bed! 

What a great weekend!! 

And that's life...

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