Thursday, May 30, 2013


Wednesday I subbed in lockdown again. I spent my time reading and redirecting. We did have three slight reprieves when we went to the lab for some computer work. I also got some Youth stuff done. Woot! 

We went to a retirement party after school and ate some of the cutest snacks! Then Dad picked me up, with neighbor girl in tow, and took me to Brookshire's. It was the last night of Wednesday night church until summer is over and we were celebrating by having snacks. Yum! I "slaved over a hot stove all day" making salt and vinegar chips and brownies. Ha! I enjoyed getting to talk to two of our new youth and hanging out with all of the kids!! 

Thursday I slept in because I had no job. I got up, read, showered, and then got distracted by The Next Food Network Star before I watched some of my shows (Once Upon A Time and So You Think You Can Dance). One of the SYTYCD episodes had all weather recorded over it, so I missed the second episode. Boo!! I have to wait 30 days before they release the online episode. Instead, I watched some of Betty White's Off Their Rockers. It was hilarious!!! It's this show where old people prank young people. Haha! I was dying laughing. 

When Mom finally got home, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had dinner; Dad was golfing, so he ate somewhere else. I walked into and out of the restaurant and sat in a booth! I got home and went straight to bed. I'm still tired somehow... 

I'm still working on getting my stamina and endurance up for walking. It's sometimes painful for me; my doctor and therapist know about the pain and think it's normal. I have to develop a callus on my bone, and it's not that fun to do. One day I'll be able to walk all day, but I'm not quite there yet. 

And that's life... 

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