Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Friday and Celebratory Saturday

Friday I read most of the day and made cakes for the cake auction (and chili cook-off) the Youth are having on Sunday. Dad had a half day and came home early. We sat around and read for a while.

I got my protein in the mail. Check out the pics... Haha! You have to dissolve the powder under your tongue for 3 minutes. The hardest part was making myself swallow after the stuff was in my mouth for that long! Ew. I mean, I won't even swallow spit that's been in my mouth for too long- it's like old spit. Gross. Ok, enough with the over-informing...

So my seester texted me and said that I should come meet her, her boyfriend, and his best friend. I talked to Dad about it, and I went. That's right, I drove myself to and from the place that was about 45 minutes away... At night... Myself!! I am so thrilled!! I had a blast!

Saturday I got up to go to a book club meeting. We ate sushi- yum!!! We also talked about the book. We had some GREAT discussions!!

Next I went to one of my best friends' baby's first birthday party! She was soooo cute!! We got her a sand castle pail, sunglasses, a swimsuit, and some sunscreen- we're practical. She smashed her cake and seemed to enjoy herself. We also did this cool thing where we wrote something to her about who we we thought she would be when she turns 18; she can't read it until her 18th birthday. It was great! Also, they have a tradition where they put a shot glass (for a partier), a rosary (for a good girl), and a gold dollar (for good with money) in front of the baby and they choose one. Whatever they choose is supposed to tell what they will be like when they grow up- she picked the dollar!!! I really like that tradition.

Then Mom and I were off to a wedding of one of my other best friends. The wedding was beautiful!!! I am so happy for my friends. I was a little disappointed they didn't shove cake in each others faces, but they did everything else perfectly. I got a lot of good ideas in case I ever get married. She and her husband- that's weird to say- both hugged me and she said she was happy I was alive. Haha! She's hilarious. My sister and her boyfriend were there as well.

Over all I have had a blessed and busy two days! I am so thankful for all that I have and can't wait to see what the future brings.

And that's my life!

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