Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chili Cook-Off

Today was the Youth's chili cook-off!! We only had two contestants for the cook-off and both took home prizes. However, our cake auction did AMAZING!! I am so happy about how it all turned out. Pics of my cakes are below and a couple of other awesome cakes!! Yay! I bid on some cupcakes made by one of favorite people (a Youth's mom)- they're chocolate and peanut butter- and didn't win them. BUT the person that DID win them (a different Youth's mom) gave me 4 to take home and eat!! Yeah buddy! I gobbled one up after lunch! Ha! I got to try the chocolate raspberry cake in the picture and it was delicious! I also got to try a peanut butter cheesecake- heaven. Yum!! Sugar overload for sure.

We made paninis for lunch then I took a nap before our Youth meeting tonight. I had planned one thing, but we ended up doing something different. We did a mini service project and got the toys down from the little trench around the top of our gym, and then we watched some Jumangi. Ha! It's been a loooong time since I've seen that movie. I had a good night!!

After dinner, I took Mom to meet a lady who did some alterations for her. While backing out of the drive way I accidentally accelerated instead of braked and almost put us in the ditch. My right foot tried to brake, but that obviously didn't work. Ugh! It was sooooo scary, but Mommy wiped my tears and told me I would be ok. She was right. She kept telling me I could pull over, but I knew I had to keep going and face the scariness of driving.

Here's the story of my shirt: I had seen this shirt originally about 4 months ago. I just came across the site. I decided I needed to buy one, but kept putting it off. Finally I inquired about getting one in my size and got an email about how they don't have that right now, but will in the future and they will keep my information. I thought, "Yeah. Sure ya will." However, much to my surprise, they contacted me a couple of weeks ago and told me that my size was in stock and to order one so I would be sure to get one. So I did!!! They even sent me some freebies- bracelets and stickers. Wow! What an amazing company!! To get your own awesome "Jesus save Bro" shirt or an "Everyday I'm Worshipin" shirt go to!! They have a great story, too!

Also, this shirt seems to be my new motto. I mean, we know Jesus saves us after death, but I'm pretty sure He saved my LIFE as well. I could have died in that wreck, but instead I was spared. I plan to use that to do whatever He needs me to!

And that's LIFE...

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