Monday, March 18, 2013

Restful Sunday and Busy Monday

Sunday: I woke up and went to church. We had a really good and moving sermon about tithing and giving by a guest preacher. It was an interesting change of pace- his style is different than our preachers' style.

After church Dad and I went to a nutrition store. I got some new protein and you know what that means... More pictures! He got some vitamins. Yum yum. Then, we came home and read some. I also made my favorite cake for us!

After a while, Mom decided she needed to run to get school to print some stuff so I went with her. We had to stop and get some milk because I had made a scrumptious cake earlier and needed some milk to go with it. Yum!!

Monday: I woke up and got ready to go to breakfast with a friend. I drank my protein shake then she picked me up. It was nice to have an adult conversation. Haha! Then we flamingoed someone's house!! She dropped me off with Mom when we were done.

While waiting on Mom, I got a call from the other lawyer I called. He was extremely nice and helpful. He said that my lawyers are doing what he would be doing if he were my lawyer and that I was not getting gypped in anyway. I thought that was generous of him to help me and let me consult him. After that call, I read until Mom was ready to go.

Next, we went to step 2 of the bariatric stuff. I had to meet with a psychiatrist to tall about the weight loss procedure and what not. It was kind of funny because she could not believe I wasn't on an antidepressant for phantom pains (or anything else). She thinks I will do great considering how I've coped with the wreck and losing a limb. I like that!! She was so sweet and nice! Her office looked like the typical, cliché shrinks office. Ha!

After that we went to Trader Joe's and I got some cool stuff- hummus included! I thought the decor, graphics, and food were pretty cool. I only took one picture...

We finished there and headed to a colleague (and dear friend) of Mom's house. She is the one recovering from shoulder surgery. Her and her mom fed us a lovely dinner an then I talked to her mom about writing, her pressed flowers, and all sorts of fun stuff while Mom and the woman talked about work stuff. Necessary, but ew. I had fun and enjoyed the conversations we had!! I also "hopped" to the potty at her house twice! Yay!! I'm learning. Ha!

Then we headed home where I got to see Dad for the first time! We brought him some food home. I wrote this, read, and went to bed (because I am exhausted!!).

And that's life...

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