Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wound Care Wednesday and Therapy Thursday

Yesterday I went to wound care. They said it looks better. The doctor scraped off all of the "slough" and then the nurse packed it with the Prisma, which is like a sheet
of collagen that dissolves in the wound. I didn't think it looked much better, but my friend who's a nurse told me it is when I sent her the pictures. That's good, I guess.

I ordered some protein because my nurse friend referred it to me. She took it while she was going through chemo a long time ago and it worked well for her. So I bought it; I'll let you know when it comes in.

After wound care I went to church. I told you I was taking my little neighbor girl, but it turns out she is actually taking me. I've never really liked church on Wednesday nights, so I'm glad I have a reason to "make" myself go. It's a good thing, though. We stuffed more eggs and put empty eggs in bags for the congregation to fill. Mostly I just sat and talked to the kids and watched them. Ha!

Today I watched an NCIS marathon and made Nutella brownies. I was NOT impressed. The batter was sooooo thick! I set a timer so I could turn them at the half way point, but by then they were already crispy. I'm mad that I wasted a cup of Nutella!! Dad seems to like them ok... He's a weird one!

Dad took me to therapy and to get my brace fitted. The guy met us at therapy and adjusted my custom fit brace to my arm. The whole point of the brace is to give my arm a "gentle stretch" while I'm sleeping. I'm supposed to wear it every night until I'm at 0 degrees. If you want to read more about it, here is the website:!elbow/.
Their slogan is "Stretching your Range of Possibilities"; get it? Stretching my range! Hahaha! They stretch out your elbow, ankle, wrist, knee, etc so your range is better. Cracks me up!

Next I did therapy. I did the exercise where I sit on the ball do different balance things and use the dumb bells, I did my wall push ups, and I did a new thing on the bars. She had me stand on a cushion-type thing and keep my balance. I did it for a minute (2 segments of 30 seconds); she seemed really impressed. It wasn't really too hard, but it takes a LOT of focus. Ha!

After therapy Dad and I ate at TGI Friday's! Yum!! We split a steak and ribs combo and a beer (Stella Artois- we've never tried it). It was a great meal!! Next we went shopping for stuff I need for the chili cook-off my Youth are having on Sunday. I love HEB! I wheeled myself around the whole time.

When we got home I put the brace on and read. I'm heading to bed soon.

And that's life...

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