Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Busy Monday and Therapy Tuesday

Monday morning we got up and went to see my ortho. He said my leg looks MUCH better!! Yay! He also said he wants to try this new stuff in my leg. He called it pixie dust- it's magic apparently. Ha! It's actually- wait for it- pigs bladder. Gross, I know. But at this point I'll do it.

After that we saw my lawyers. They want me to make a decision, but I just don't know how I feel about it. I need to think and pray about it before I sign anything.

Next we went to see my primary care physician. I needed him to write orders to take blood. He is going to test my blood for the Factor 5 Leiden blood clotting disorder; my sister tested positive for it and Dad has had trouble for years with blood clots. When I know something, you will. Also, I asked him to check my blood for the hemoglobin levels and white blood cell count- we are still not sure if I'm anemic or not. The last thing I asked him for was a Tetanus shot which I have to have for mission trip. It's apparently been 10 years since I've had one. Ugh! It is bugging me today by itching and hurting a little...

When we finally got home, I took a nap and then we watched shows- Arrow and Nikita- and then went to bed.

Today, Tuesday, Dad and I were actors for a live shooter drill at his school. Basically a SWAT team came out and trained our local police department on what to do if there is a shooter or bomber in a public place. The first couple of hours was information, which was extremely interesting, and then we went home while they practiced. We went back after lunch and played the "victims" in the school. They ran several different scenarios with simunition, which is basically rubber bullets with paint on them. It was scarily like real life. At the beginning of each scenario they would fire a blank shotgun round to "draw the officers attention"; it was sooooo loud! I really had fun, though and learned a LOT!! We had to wear masks in case we got shot.

When that was over, we went to therapy. My PT busted my butt today! First I did the arm bike. After that, she had me stand and play tug-of-war with a Theraband someone was pulling on. Then she had had someone throw a ball so I could catch it while standing on one foot. I have great balance when I focus and stare straight ahead; not so much when I have to move. Ha! That's what we're working on. Next, she had me stand on two different foam things that constantly throw me off balance. I was super tired when I left. Haha!

Mom came and picked me up from PT so I could see my grandma. She wanted help making tags for the stuff in her store and we have all sorts of scrapbooking stuff so we said we'd help. I haven't seen her in a while and enjoyed the time we spent catching up and talking!! She bought us dinner from a local place and it was so delicious I took a picture of it!! Enjoy.

When I got home I wrote this and went to bed. Ha! I'm exhausted!

And that's life...

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