Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wound Care Wednesday and Magic Pixie Dust Thursday

Happy Pi Day!!! It's 3/14/13.

Yesterday we went to lunch (GREAT food!) and a movie. We ate at A Mexican Bar and Grill- no lie, that's the name. Ha! Then we saw Oz the Great and Powerful. I really liked it!! I thought the story line was unique enough not to be a copy cat of the original Oz, but had enough similarities you knew what they were talking about. Mom is not a fan of all these "remakes" and I understand that; are they really running out of material for movies that they are remaking everything? Gosh.

After the movie we rushed to make it to wound care on time. They said my wound looks good and that I can come back in a month because I told them I would see my ortho in 2 weeks. It's pointless to see BOTH of them in one week. However, I don't think there will be a reason to go by that point. We shall see.

Next, I went to Youth. The amazing teacher and I visited for 30 minutes while putting empty eggs into bags for the congregation to fill. Then one kid showed up- it's spring break- so he helped. Then I came home, read, and went to bed.

Today we got up and had lunch with an amazing lady. We ate at On the Border. They have endless enchiladas right now for $8.99!! That's what I got, although I could only eat 4. Haha! Possibly a waste for me...

We then went to visit a colleague of Mom's who just got home from the hospital. We compared hospital stories and talked about recovery. I think she will be ok, but she's anxious to get back to work. Something I understand. Haha! She will do great and I love her!

We headed to see my ortho next. He had a rep there who helped him with the application of the magic pixie dust. It's actually ACell- I'm not exactly sure how it's written- and you can read about it here : This stuff looks awesome!! Basically he debrided (scraped off the bad stuff) my wound and then sprinkled the magic powder and said the magic words... Kidding. He sprinkled the powder in and then the rep wet a "sheet" of the same stuff and put it over the powder. We apparently want a "custard" consistency- doctors and their food references. Ew! Then they put a gel-like holey wound cover to separate it from the the Mepilex (bandage). Let the magic begin!!

I also got a bonus surgery; my ortho took some glass- that I could see on the surface- out of my hand. Actually, Dad could see it from across the car yesterday and it's been bugging me for a couple of weeks. He numbed it up, cut it open, and pulled the glass out. He does love surgery (and tape)! Haha! The picture is kinda gross, but it's down there...

After that Mom took me to PT. The PT had me do the arm bike, and then the pulling and ball throwing while sitting on the ball this time. Then I did some lat pulls and rows while sitting on the ball. Next I did some wall push ups and then tried to lift myself off the table with only my arms- that needs work. Ha!

Mom and I went to TGI Fridays for some dinner because Dad was golfing. It was nice to have some Mommy/Daughter time!! After dinner we came home, Dad came home, and we watched some shows.

Overall, great couple of days!! Pleas enjoy the pictures of Mom's new squeezy toy that is a mini sumo wrestler. He is adorable!! Also, I did my makeup pretty today- enjoy that as well!

And that's my fabulous life!

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