Thursday, March 21, 2013

Therapy Thursday and After Pay Day Dinner

Thursday: I woke up and watched some Netflix while I "enjoyed" some protein and ate some hummus and pita bread. I did that until Dad came and got me for PT.

Today we did another evaluation. I stood and the receptionist/PT helper threw a ball to me and I threw it back to her. Then I sat on the ball and did the same thing. I did the arm bike, some shoulder lifts with a weight, and some bicep curls. I also had to try to lift myself off the table with my arms... Ha! That was not very successful. My arm is not doing what I want it to. I need to wear my brace more, I think. I'll work on it.

After PT Dad and I went to Smoothie King and got some smoothies. I got a super protein one and bought some new types of protein to try this weekend. You know what that means... More faces!! Haha! I got the peanut butter, chocolate, banana one and Dad got a super fruity one. Yum yum yum!!

We went home and ate the roast that has been smelling AMAZING all day! Dad ate a forkful, then brought me a forkful, then he ate some, then he brought me some. This is what happens when Mom isn't home and works late. So funny!! Then we ate some cake off the same plate... We are goofy!

My potty is having difficulties today, so I had to use Mom and Dad's bathroom. That was such an interesting experience. It really is all about set up!! They have lots of rugs and stuff in the way- there's also not much to push up on. Let's just say I'm ready for my bathroom back...

Friday: Today I got up and got ready then watched some more Netflix. Then I read a little until Dad came and got me.

This Friday was the monthly after-pay-day-dinner. El Fenix was chosen. Yum! Dad and I split fajitas- delish- and then I got some tres leches cake and he got some sopapillas. Both were scrumptious!!! We talked and laughed and had a great time. When we left, I followed Dad's boss out (who is also in a wheelchair); I'm sure we made quite the procession out! Haha!

After dinner we went to HEB!!! I haven't been in a while, so it was nice. Dad and I got some milk, almonds (protein), and other drinks. We probably looked so thirsty... Haha! We got a Redbox which we are about to watch. More on that later...

I got two pictures of my socket today!!!! They are below.

And that's life...

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