Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keep Calm It's Leg Day!!!

Wednesday- I got up and went with Mom to her doctor's appointment, then we went to mine. My leg looks awesome!! We are hoping that in 2 weeks (or before) it will be 100%. I am so impressed with the progress it's made!! This A Cell is A-Mazing! See what I did there?

After the appointments, Mommy took me home. I took a nap because I was tired- I had no sleep due to excitement- and my stomach was... Well... Just blah. Ugh. So I napped until church time.

Tonight at church, we talked about Holy Week. Very interesting topic. The kids were waaaaaay off task, though. Ha! I think they are already itching for another break... It was a good lesson overall, and we tried our hardest to teach them what they need. One girl seemed to have all the answers- she rocked!! After it was over, I stayed and talked to the associate pastor about the Sunrise Service.

Dad took me and my neighbor girl home Mom had dinner waiting since she had expected us earlier and we read and chatted while and after we ate.

I tried real hard to get some sleep, but I'm just SO STINKIN' EXCITED!!!!

Thursday- This morning I got up all excited because I had an appointment to get my leg today!! I got ready and then the lady got here (to the house). She explained how to use the liner and how to put the leg on. When Dad got here, on his conference, I STOOD UP ON TWO LEGS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 8 MONTHS!!!

I have to pick something to put on the socket part of the leg. I'm thinking something zebra-y and sparkly! Ha! I got to use my right tennis shoe for the first tome today, too!! Like she had to take the papery stuffing out and take a tag off. Haha! This is not my final leg, it's just my test socket. I'm not even supposed to really have kept the leg, except she is going to let me try it out for a week and see if it's what I want/need. I will be in a pin-lock system. That means that my liner that I roll on my leg has a pin in the bottom. No, I do not have one attached to my leg which is kind of what I originally thought. I Google a lot. So, this pin then fits in my socket and locks into place. After that I'm good to go! The bottom of Stumpy McGee should never touch the bottom of the socket. The thought is that my leg is somewhat "suspended" in my liner in my socket. The pressure is around my leg, like a band. The sensation is all new to me- duh! However, I think I'll get the hang of it. Pretty sweet, huh?

I ate some new protein today that got two thumbs DOWN!! I couldn't even finish it. Blech!

Mom came and got me for therapy after I watched some Mad Men on Netflix. On the way, we ran out of gas. A friend came and rescued us, and I wasn't even late to therapy!! At therapy, my PT was so excited about my leg! We did some arm stuff, then stood the rest of the time. She had me shift my weight back and forth and catch the ball. When I'm standing "correctly", I feel like I'm leaning to the right, so I kept trying to catch myself on the bars. It is hard for me to trust my leg strength and that the socket will hold me, although I know it will. We had a little trouble with me putting all my weight on it, straightening my knee, and dropping my right heel. It's all new. Yay yay yay!! Sorry about all the pictures... I'm a little excited.

*GROSS OVERSHARING* I took off my liner and a whole lot of sweat poured out. Apparently the silicone makes me sweat... Like a lot a lot. Ew. It was enough to make a splash on the ground. Gross!

When we were done with therapy, and got some gas, Mom and I went to JoAnns to pick out fabric for my "final" leg. It is so cute!! It's zebra and glittery! Then we went to Michael's and I got a couple of awesome frames that I will "Pinterest up" and some cupcake liners for Easter. Fun fun!!

We met Dad for dinner at Outback and had a lovely dinner. Then we all got home and went to bed.

And that's my amazing, wonderful, exciting, outstanding life!!

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