Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sundae Sunday Funday!!

We went to church this morning and then to HEB. I got some sushi and yummy stuff to eat for this week. Man, they are having some AWESOME sales!!! I got a lot of free or cheaper stuff! We went around and sampled all the stuff and, boy, was there a LOT!! Yum!

After that, we went home and ate lunch- burgers we just bought (2 1/2 lb burgers for $6). Then we watched some TV. Next, Dad took me to Youth.

Tonight was Sundae Sunday. I bring the ice cream and the kids bring their favorite toppings. We chill and watch a movie. Tonight we also fit in a short practice for Sunrise service. I'm mean. They got their sundaes and we watched Brave!! I might have fast forwarded through an intense scene on accident, then yelled, "Noooooooo!" Haha! The kids thought it was hilarious. It was a great movie, though. I really liked it. I love my Youth group!!

When I got home, we ate dinner and watched some more TV. Then, Mom and I met a lady that was going to buy a bag from Mom. While we were waiting, my seester called. I talked to her for a loooooong time. I miss seeing her all the time. Anyways, after that we picked up some New England clam chowder for a friend of ours we were going to see in the hospital.

This lady is a dear friend of mine (and Mom). She fell and shattered the ball of her shoulder last week. Mom works with her and she is waaaaay worried and stressed about work... Mom is helping her for this week which is so super sweet! She kept apologizing for not being there enough when I was in the hospital and talking about how people don't understand and just say things their "supposed to" to make you feel better. Haha! I think she might have been on pain pills... Anyways, please add her to your prayer list.

I drove us to and from the hospital and almost got hit on the way there. Well, sort of. We were all slowing down (for a wreck) and I moved over because my exit was coming up. I hit the brakes a bit too hard- I thought I was going to hit the person in front of me- and almost got rear-ended. It took me a good 3 minutes to get my heart rate under control and my breathing back to normal; Mom said she was about to pass out from breathing deep with me. Ha! Also, while I was at the hospital, I visited my old floor and saw a few of my nurses and techs. They said I look different... I said sitting upright does that for you. It was so nice to see them!!

When I got home, Dad did wound care- one word: EW! I think my wound does look better, but it's still gross looking and stinky. Ugh. Please keep praying for that to heal as well.

And that's life...

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