Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday I watched some shows to get them off the DVR. I watched some New Girl, Once Upon a Time, and Smash (although I'm over Smash now...).

My eyes have been bothering me a little, so I just wore my glasses all day. I looked up ways to do make up with glasses. Haha! Who does that? Me. I might have stayed on Pinterest for quite a while dreaming of the life I hope to one day have.

I got ready and went to Youth. It was raining on the way... Bad. It wasn't pouring, but it was enough for me to hold my breath almost the whole way there. I always enjoy the amazing teachers there!! They made me feel better somehow... Maybe more normal? I don't know. They helped. We had a pretty good lesson with our few kids.

After youth, I decided to try two mask recipes, one for my face and the other for my hair. BIG MISTAKE! The face one was fine, but the hair one was messy and goopy and stinky. Both involved eggs, and the hair used oil and vinegar too... My hair doesn't look any shinier and the stupid apple cider vinegar got in my eyes and made them all red and burny!! Epic fail. Don't try this... Ever... Anywhere... For any reason. Yuck. I headed to bed when that disastrous ordeal was over.

Thursday morning I got up and got a text from my leg guy. He said he put something special on my final leg!! Woohoo! I love surprises so I'm excited and can't wait to see it!!!

I watched some Bones and Castle today while I waited for Mom to get home. She finally got here and took me to PT. I totally rocked it today!! A student was observing my awesome PT and he said that I was lifting more weight than some of the guys out in the gym. Haha! Beast mode. I did my lat pulls, bicep curls, tricep push downs, and shoulder squeezes standing up with more weight than normal!! Yep. I'm awesome! I told the student my story and he told me that I was strong and that he was impressed. Believe it or not, I forget how far I've come sometimes... Then I did my push ups and a new thing on the total gym (piece of equipment). I had to lay on sliding board thing and basically do squats, with one leg, then heel raises. It was pretty intense. I should've had Mom take pictures... I will next week.

My sister met us at PT and we went with her to the doctor. She has to get her PT/INR, blood thickness level, taken ever-so-often. Mom also got blood drawn. All my blood stayed in my body where I like it to be. I found out today that I tested NEGATIVE for the Factor 5 Leiden blood clotting disorder!! Woot! Now I have to get tested again, to be sure, before I know for positive I am good to go.

Dad was golfing tonight (at my insistence) and so the three of us went to dinner. We went to Pastafina which was very tasty! We laughed and talked about lots of things. I had such a good time!!

When Mom and I got home, I had a little incident. I was trying to transfer to the rolling chair (office chair) in the bathroom, but had forgotten to lock the brakes on one side of my wheelchair. So my stump hit the ground for a second while I regained my balance. Scary!! I cried, but luckily Mom was there to comfort me. It freaked me out more than anything and I just needed my Mommy to tell me it was all better. She looked at my leg and it seems fine, so we're all good. Whew!

I get my leg tomorrow when I go to PT in the morning, yes morning, by myself. I can do it!!

Since I have no pictures (shocking, I know) enjoy these funny things! I know I do!!

And that's life...

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