Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great start to my week!

Monday I subbed again and read another book!! Yay! I <3 reading, kids. Like for real, for real.

After school I went to PT. I rocked it, of course! We worked on my walk and picking my knees up. I still really love walking!! Ha!

After PT, my friend came and got me and we hung out with another friend. These girls got me through college and I'm proud to call them BFFs!! We talked and laughed and I felt the most normal (and giggly) than I have in a long while. I just love and adore my friends. I don't know how I got so lucky, but somehow I did. I love their bluntness, snarky comments, and compassion. They are awesome!!

We ended up ordering Chinese food and watching Easy A. Amazing! We joked about the movie and got home entirely too late. I love girls night!! It was like a night out of a movie, except more awesome and more hilarious!

Tuesday morning I got up to go with Mom for a meeting. While she was inside, I took a nap in the car. I was tired from girls night. Haha! It was a glorious nap!!

After that, we went to a doctor's appointment for me. I was supposed to get an exam, but she let me off the hook because of all the trauma I've been through. Yay! She prescribed the medicine I needed and we went home and took a nap. Yeah. We were tired today.

After our nap, we went to Mama Mia's before my dietician appointment. She told me I was doing well and we talked about "post-procedure" diet dos and don'ts. It was enlightening.

After my brief meeting, I met my leg guy so he could buff the top of my leg. When I sit in the car and lean my leg against the door, the prosthesis and door rub a hole in my pants. Since jeans and pants are such a commodity for me, I can't have this. So he buffed the edges and smoothed it down. It's awesomer (that's a word) than it was before, now!

After a TON of traffic, I barely made it to PT. We worked on strength and a little bit of walking. She made me walk out of the building when I left so she could see how I went!! Yes! I did very well.

When we got home, Mom made us some meatball sliders (http://www.delish.com/_mobile/recipefinder/meatball-parmigiana-sliders-recipe-mslo0511). They were sooooo yummy!! The best part is, they were easy to make, too. That's my kind of meal!!

Now I'm off to bed because I am SO tired!!

And that's life...

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