Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday I woke up and cleaned the living room, my bathroom, and my room. This is no small feat considering it takes two hands to use my wheelchair. Ha! They all three look great!! I made some yummy pasta with pesto, feta, goat Gouda (from that cheese place), and roasted peppers. Yum!

Next I made a menu for our family. We've talked forever about making a menu to follow for a week or month, but we've never actually done it. So I made a menu with a grocery list for a week! I feel so accomplished!! Mom calls and asks me if I want to run errands with her, I say yes and start getting ready.

We went to Good Will, Michael's, Walgreens, Kroger, and Papa Murphy's. I got this stuff called PB2 from Kroger that is peanut butter and chocolate powder. I've seen great recipes for it on Pinterest. I got some new nail polish and eye liner at Walgreens. We got delicious pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner!

We watched the Ranger's game, ate pizza, watched some Food Network, then went to bed. Dad also did some wound care and my leg looks great!! Still not 100%, but we're getting there! I sent my ortho a pic of my leg and he said it looked pretty good.

Tuesday I lounged in my bed for most of the day... I read and checked all the important stuff I'm supposed to. When Dad finally got home- I was really bored today- we were off to PT! My PT had me stand most of time and try to "trust" this right leg. It's really hard to do! It hurts a little and is a bit uncomfortable, but mostly I'm scared my muscles in my leg won't hold me. I'm working on it... My PT and her assistant said the pic of my leg looked good, too. They were excited to see me standing and to see my new leg!

After PT, we got healthy smoothies at Smoothie King. On the way, we saw my grandparents driving the same way we were. They were headed to my cousin's baseball game. Then, I got my hairs cut by one of my BFFs. We've been friends for about 20 years, since daycare. Haha! It was so so nice to see her and catch up!! Next, we got some Rosa's Cafe and headed home to eat.

We watched the Ranger's game and read for the rest of the night. I am so exhausted. It harder to stand than I remember. Go figure... It's been almost 8 months, so it should come as no surprise.

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