Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday- walking- and Tuesday- more walking!!!

Monday I went to see my ortho and... HE CLEARED ME TO WALK!!! Woohoo!! It's been so long, but it's fantastic! My wound is amazingly awesomely miraculously healed! I'm so impressed. I even get to shower with my leg IN THE SHOWER now!!!

I think I needed to hear him say I'm good to go before I could actually trust myself and my weight on this leg. Now that I have it, I'm golden!! Weird how our brains can control everything else about us...

After the doctor, we drove alllllllll the waaaaaaaay out to McKinney to see my leg girl. Wow, she is out there!! Haha! She adjusted my socket by shaving down the back a bit and realigning some of it. Also, it turns out Stumpy McGee has shrunk so much that I need a 5-ply sock. Oops. I wasn't using any which could be why my leg felt weird to wear and a little uncomfortable. It's all good, now, though!!! I took a few steps for her and was amazed that I could do it.

We stopped for some "famous" sno cones on the way home!! Delish! I got Tiger's blood and cream.

We went home and stopped at JoAnn's for duct tape (for Texas Ranger, my walker) and Papa Murphy's for dinner (to take home). When we got home, I walked around the living room a bit for Dad; that was the Facebook video most of you saw. That's right. I walked. In my living room. Yeah!!

I got up on Tuesday so my leg girl (same one) could bring me my new foot. I now have a split-toe (for flip flops) foot. I'm so excited!! She switched it out, made some adjustments, and watched me walk some more. We talked a bit, then she left.

I decided to watch some TV, and then made a sandwich. After that, I took a nap. I was exhausted for some reason...

When I got up, I got ready for PT. dad came and got me and we were off! I walked around the PT gym about 4 times. I apparently kind of throw my leg out and around instead of bending my knee to take steps. I have to relearn how to do everything. I have to practice using "high knees" when I walk. I think I was kind of a lazy walker before; I have to learn to NOT do that now.

When we got home, we read until Mom got home. Then, Mom and I made dinner- Philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers and white asparagus. I have to admit that the white asparagus is a bit bitter, but we wanted to try it. The peppers were SO good!! They were also fairly easy to make (recipe here: http://www.quickneasyrecipes.net/philly-cheesesteak-stuffed-bell-peppers/). Yum yum!!

We ended our evening by watching the Rangers and reading.

And that's my awesome, kick butt, amazing life!!

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