Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eye Shadow Tutorial and Weekend Fun!

So I decided to do a quick eye tutorial since a few people have asked. It's mostly luck, I swear. The whole process takes about 12 minutes, and since I only wear eye make up, that's pretty good for me. Always do the lighter color on the inside and the darker (smokier) color on the outside. Make mistakes and clean up the edges- I do!

I start with an eye base and then an eye shadow base. I put them both on with my finger and I use them both because my eyes are so much brighter with the base and the eye shadow one is supposed to keep your shadow from creasing.

After the bases, I put on one color across my whole lid. Since I used the base (and I'm lazy) I don't add the color below the brow or at the inside corner. I realize in the picture you can't see what I did since I didn't close my eye, but it's just one color. I don't use special eye make up (although I would LOVE some Urban Decay) or special brushes (unless I'm feeling extra fancy); I use cheap eye shadow and whatever applicator it comes with. Next, I add a darker color- which should always be on the outside- to the outside of my lids. I start from the middle and work my way out. I go a little further than the edge of my eye and bring it to the bottom a little for a faux liner look. I don't want them to be too pointy, so sometimes I have to clean up the edges a bit.

After my shadows look blended, by literally just using my finger to blur in the middle, I use some eyeliner. I thinly (this took some practice) line the top lid as close to the lashes as I can get it. I take it out a little further and do a small bit underneath where the shadow is. I use small, short strokes to make the lines.

Next comes mascara. I have a confession, I own like 7 mascaras. I love them and use different ones all the time depending on the look I want. I always wear more than one coat; always. When I'm done I brush them out with an eye lash comb- that I bought 6 years ago (Sonia Cashuk- Target) that has metal bristles. I also ALWAYS brush them out to separate them.

When that's all done, I clean up any sloppy edges- and I always have some- and take a picture!! Easy peasy.

Friday- I got up and read for a while until Dad got off work and picked me up for dinner. It's the Friday after pay day dinner and no one was going out, so my "aunt" and "uncle" decided we should go to Greenwood's which is a German place. Yum yum yum!! Dad and I split some delicious beef stuffed pork shoulder and potatoes and red cabbage. They give you two different home made breads to eat. My friend, and Dad's work colleague, let me have some of the potato pancakes because her husband got sick and had to sit in the car. They put sour cream and apple sauce on them. Now, I know that sounds weird, but it's actually SUPER delicious!!! I have a rule to try anything- food related- once, so I HAD to try it. I'm glad I did!

Sister met Dad to come get me after dinner. She wanted to hang out with me, so she came and got me. We went to J. Gilligan's and had so much fun singing with the guy on stage. My BFF came and she hung out with us too! We had a blast!! Seester took me all the way back home and then went home herself.

Saturday I got up and Dad and I went to lunch. We ate at On The Border and had some yummy food. We went home and Mom was finally back!! Yay! I missed her.

Then, Mom and I went to HEB to do some grocery shopping with my new menu and shopping list. I wheeled myself the whole time! There were so many people and I was definitely tired afterwards. Ha!

Not too tired to go out, though. Sister's boyfriend's BFF (I know...) was in town so we hung out with him. It was very enjoyable!! We also got tacos from Taco Heads which is an amazing food truck!!! When we were done, I went home.

We overslept on Sunday, but I did make it to Youth. Haha! I worked on the calendar for May for before heading out. My favorite helper and 3 kids were at Youth. We spent most of the time talking about the kids' lives, mission trip, summer, and life in general. It was so nice to be able to just talk to the kids.

Dad took me home and Mom had made (Burgundy free range beef) burgers. Yum! A friend of mine from church made me some Mac-n-cheese and we had that delicious dish, too!! After dinner, I convinced Dad to take me out for some ice cream- since he had promised me on Saturday. We enjoyed our ice cream on the way home. Rocky Road shakes!!

We got home, read, and went to bed. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning with my ortho. I'm hoping for GREAT news!!

And that's life...

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