Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Weekend

Friday- On Friday I slept in and waited around until 3 for my friend to pick me up. I painted my nails while I waited. This church friend took me to Bethlehem Center for the birthday party there. The kids at this center are usually disadvantaged kids; we have VBS there in the summer. Ever-so-often our church has a birthday party for all the kids in certain months and gives them a cake and present. It was really sweet and heartwarming! The kids were SO excited!! When we first got there, a little girl informed us that today was her birthday and was so happy! She was precious.

When I got home, I went to meet my seester for dinner. We went to Olive Garden and had a most delicious, and actually fairly healthy, meal. We enjoyed a lovely waitress and a couple of drinks. When we were finished, Sister said she wanted Marble Slab. So we went there next. We got our ice cream, mine was chocolate with peanut butter, marshmallows, marshmallow cream, and almonds, and then sat in the car and talked for like 2 hours. I love that crazy girl!!

I went home and watched some TV, and then headed to bed.

On Saturday I got up and had to go to a leadership training meeting for the summer mission trip in Waco. Now if you know me, that means I will stop at West, Texas, for some kolaches!! Yum! The training was super informative and helpful. I really enjoyed it and meeting everyone. I met someone from one of my BFF's church who reads my blog! She was so sweet!!

Afterwards, we stopped for kolaches (told you)! I got some dill bread and a couple of kinds of kolaches- to share- and we went back home.

I went with Mom to go visit a friend. While we were visiting, my sister came and got me and took me with her to Dallas. We want to a few places, then went to another place in Ft. Worth. I got to see 2 of my BFFs!! Yay! I had SUCH a good time!

Sunday morning no one wanted to get up, so we all slept in. When I finally got up, I started getting ready for Youth. I got to Youth and 4 boys showed up. We aired up some basketballs and volleyballs, but then the needle for the pump broke. So I let them play a while longer in the gym. They seemed to be having a good time! I led them in a discussion about worry and anxiety after we cleaned up the gym. It was a GREAT discussion! I was impressed.

Mom came and got me and we went around our town to look for sheet metal. I need a piece for a project I'm going to do. It's "we will take any and all trash day" tomorrow, so people had lots of weird stuff out. We didn't find anything, but think we have something in the garage that might work...

After we got home, we all watched some TV and ate dinner. Later, I (finally) did my taxes. Talk about stress! Ugh.

I have a doctor's appointment with my ortho in the morning. Prayers for clearance to walk, please!!

And that's life...

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