Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I didn't even mind that it was Monday!

Monday I got up and took Dad to school. I then got ready and met my friend at her office. We went to lunch at Cracker Barrel (I got eggs in a basket) and then had dessert at The Cupcakery downtown. We had such a good time and got to talk and joke!! I did all of this WITHOUT my wheelchair! That's right, I WALKED the WHOLE day!! Woohoo! 

I did have to adjust my liner once because it was almost falling off. It's already like 4800 degrees here, so I was sweating quite a bit. So much so, that my liner had slipped down my leg some. I'm going to have to talk with my leg guy about a different anti-perspirant. 

After hanging out with my fabulous friend, I went to pick up Dad at his school so we could go to PT. We stopped at Sonic and I accidentally ordered him a Diet Doctor Coke... He wanted a Dr. Pepper. Goodness!! I think I was starting to tire out. Haha! 

I showed my PT my stair walking and did some arm strength exercises while mostly standing or walking the whole time. Then, we practiced balancing on my right (amputated) leg. Talk about difficult!! Ugh. I was so worn out when we headed home. 

We stopped and got Papa Murphys on the way home. Mom cooked it and we watched some Hawaii 5-0 and Elementary. After a fulfilling an exhausting day, I slept a wonderful 7 hours. 

On Tuesday I was called to do lockdown again. So I went to work with Mommy. I spent the day finishing up half a book and starting another. I had a delicious lunch from the lounge and enjoyed an array of deserts. Yum!! 

After work, I went to PT. She had me walk around the building. Outside (nature-ew). On an uneven surface. That slanted. And went uphill. I'm a boss!!! It was about 400 yards; I took 3 breaks. I know, I'm impressed too! I took my leg off so she could look at Stumpy McGee. She said that although he was so so sweaty, he looked really good! Yay!! 

After PT, I headed to the hospital to see a friend. This woman knows a mutual friend of mine and found my blog while I was still in the hospital. She contacted me and kept up with my life. She was worried she would have to have an amputation some day; that day came Monday. I went to visit her because I felt called to do so. I had never met her, but I wanted her (and her husband) to know that it will be ok. A new normal will eventually occur and life will go on. I was a little worried that I would react badly to the hospital atmosphere with someone who had just had an amputation, but I did fine. I really am ok with this whole crazy situation. It's very comforting to know. 

Anyways, I talked to them and explained everything I could. I referred them to my prosthetist and the home health care place I used to work for. I told them to contact me at anytime for anything- really- because I want to help them any way I can. I think the husband was more comforted than she was. Either way, I'm glad I could help. 

Next, we went to On The Border for Taco Tuesday!! Yum yum! I took off my leg and let the couple see my liner, socks, leg, foot, scar, all of it. So I had to put my leg back on before eating- I feel weird without it now... There was just one problem, I have to pull my pants down to get the liner on my leg right. So, I did in the parking lot. Haha! Dad shielded me while I adjusted my wardrobe right there in front of the restaurant. The funny thing? This is NOT the first time I've done something like this. I live a crazy life!! Ha! 

When we got home, Dad watched the Rangers while I read then went to bed. What a satisfying 2 days!! Can't wait for the  rest of my week! 

And that's my crazy, unpredictable, super fun, and love filled life!! 

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