Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday we slept in until it was time for Mom and I to run errands. Dad played golf so that left the afternoon to us. I did some church stuff, lunch, and then we visited my new friend who's an amputee. She is doing SO well!! I imparted the knowledge I had and even walked a little for her. 

We saw this truck driving down the street... It said "position open" and had a space for a new stick figure wife. Haha! I almost died laughing!!! 

We made some stuffed patty pan squash- it was SOOOOO good! Yum!! We watched the Rangers and then went to bed. 

I subbed on Tuesday for lockdown. I got to read a lot of my book while the girl worked. After school Mom took me to PT and then Dad came so she could go back to work. It was an evaluation day. I walked, did about 16 steps up and down, balanced on my right leg, and we measured my elbow. It's not doing as well as it could be; it's my fault, though. I've been SO focused on walking, I've been neglecting my elbow. 

After PT, Dad and I went to HEB to get a snack and some ingredients for dinner. We stopped by Little Elm Farm (yeah, I'm shouting that out) and got some squash blossoms for dinner. Sidenote: we bought the patty pan squash from them as well. We made some delicious blossoms and yummy portabella mushrooms. Dinner was scrumptious!!! 

We are watching Silver Linings Playbook then going to bed. 

And that's life... 

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