Friday, May 24, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday were in OK

Wednesday I got up and finished packing for a trip to Oklahoma. We are going there this summer for mission trip and I was invited to go check out the church we would be staying at and the surrounding town. 

Mom and I started the morning looking for her phone... She left it on top of the car while she loaded my stuff up. Then we drove off. Yeah. We finally found the phone after looking for about 30 minutes. It was about 2 miles from our house, and the case protected it. Yay! Of course I locked it and we couldn't get it unlocked until it was reset- fail. It was, however, unharmed. 

When we finally got to her school, I read while I waited to be picked up. I showed off my new walking skills to a few people while we waited. My friend picked me up and we headed to Chili's for lunch. I walked into the restaurant without any help and enjoyed a delicious lunch and excellent conversation.  

We went to another lady's house and loaded in her car to make our way to Oklahoma. When we finally got there, we checked into our hotel and ate dinner. We talked most of the night and then went to bed. 

The next morning, Thursday, we got up and went to see the church. It's perfect for mission trip!! The town, school (for showering), and church are just what we need. We spent the day touring the church and school, and then drove around the town to check out where stuff was. We ate lunch and went back home. 

Mom picked me up from the lady and we ran some errands. We decided to eat dinner at Rio Mambo- yum!! We split some appetizers and then went home. I slept so well!! 

It was a fun 2 days. I am shadowing our center director (the one in charge of our living center for mission trip) so that I can be a center director in the future. She's very patient with all my questions and am enjoying helping her in any way that I can. I didn't have too much trouble traveling until the end of the day, which I'm sure has to do with my foot and stump swelling. I used my wheelchair and walking for the whole trip. 

And that's life... 

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