Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend fun!

Saturday morning I got up and headed to church to conduct mission trip training. I decided we were going to build birdhouses because it combined cutting, drilling, and mailing all in one project. Although we got off to a slow start, we finished with 6 awesome birdhouses to sell at Lord's Acre in September!!! Yay! 

After the hot and sawdust-filled morning, I went home and took a nap. I got up later and got ready to go to a birthday party for my friends' husband. Her daughter, one of my BFFs, was flying in from West Virginia for the occasion. I ate some amazing venison burgers, talked to 2 of my besties, drank some adult beverages, and had a stellar time! I loved it!! 

I was outdoors for most of the day and didn't die or get too much nature on me! Score!! 

On Sunday we went to church and I WALKED into the building!! Woohoo! We had an excellent sermon and I talked to some of my church peeps and youth. 

After church, we went to lunch (El Fenix-YUM), Ross, Michaels, and Home Depot. No time for a nap. Ugh. I made it back to church in time for Youth! We spent the 2 hours labeling tools for the mission trip and talking about high school life. I love my kids so much (even though they occasionally drive me crazy...)!!! 

After Youth, Mommy took me to Brookshire's to get some ingredients for dinner. We had the most delicious and perfectly cooked kabobs! Wow!! I helped Mom make them when we got home, and Dad grilled them for us. Our lovely neighbors brought us brownies which we devoured for dessert. 

I am loving getting my independence back. I kind of liked being babied again, but I'm really enjoying gaining back my confidence and self-assuredness that I felt I lost. I've always been fairly independent, and this whole experience has taught me to allow others to care for me, but also to do what I can by yourself. I'm a HUGE giver and am trying to learn how to receive as well. It's harder than it sounds for me. I think it goes back to that whole "control freak" thing I was born with. Haha! I'm learning; slowly but surely. 

And that's life... 

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