Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jump start to my week and confidence!

Monday I got up and went to lunch and then the doctor. Daddy and I split a delicious lunch and (free-my favorite kind)  dessert. We met Mom at the doctor. I WALKED (with Texas Ranger, my walker) into his office, much to the admiration of his staff who I love! He looked at my leg, thought it was awesome, took some X-rays, and said he would see me in 2 months. Woohoo! I even had to pay a co-pay (suckage) because it's been SO long since I've had any type of surgery. Go me!! 

Next, we went to Joe T. Garcia's to set up for the 8th grade banquet for Dad's school. I had to go to the bathroom while I was there and my wheelchair wouldn't fit into the bathroom... So I got up and walked the three steps to the stall with no assistance. When I realized what I did, I walked back to my chair, then rushed outside to show Dad!! 

I texted my PT that she better get ready to be amazed... I got to PT, did the arm bike, than made her follow me to a long strip of the room. I got up, walked about 7 steps, turned around and walked back to my wheelchair. Her jaw dropped!!! She thought I would maybe walk in with my walker, but NO! She was supposed to switch me to a cane... I apparently just skipped  that step all together!! Yeah! She made me walk around the PT gym one way and then the other. When I went around the second time, I had to do a set of steps and stand on one leg in the parallels bars. Woohoo!! 


We went back to Joe T's for the actual formal. I enjoyed some hilarious company, excellent singing, good dancing, and great food! When it was all over, I stepped into the car! Usually, I turn and put by butt on the seat, put my weight there, and then swivel around so both legs are in the car. This time, I stood on my right leg and lifted my left leg to get in. I was SO proud! 

We want home and I went to bed because I was exhausted! 

Luckily, I had no jobs on Tuesday and slept in. When I got up, I read while a storm raged outside. We lost power for about an hour at some point. Ugh. 

We had Road Runner Eggs for dinner. They are chicken breast stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon- YUM!! We also had Mom's famous corn casserole. 

I got a text to come play Cards Against Humanity (the inappropriate version of Apples to Apples). So, of course, I went! I had so much fun with my friends!! We laughed and joked and had a fabulous time!

I got home and CARRIED my walker and bag in the house over the two front steps. Then I showered and went to bed. 

And that's life... 

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