Sunday, May 5, 2013

Best. Weekend. Ever.

The movie Pitch Perfect was hilarious!! It is one I would absolutely watch again! Sister and I watched the movie then talked until we went to sleep. It was so nice and normal. I loved it!!

This was one of the best and most normal weekends of my life!! I think maybe things are just finally getting back to normal or I am adjusting to a new kind of normal. Either way, I am loving it!!

We got up on Saturday and went to a 5K at Rahr and Sons. We had to run by Party City first to get sombreros and mustaches. Ha! Basically, we paid $10 to run *cough*walk and ride*cough*, eat food, hear a live band, taste test, and tour the factory. Sister pushed me the WHOLE way which was amazing! We drank a beer, that I did not like, and ate at the Chile Pepper Grill food truck. It was really fun!! 4 friends were there with us and we got a little, ok a lottle, sunburned. Ha! We know better...

After the Beer Run we went back to the apartment and took one of the best naps I've had in a while!! Next, we played some Little Big Planet. I always have so much fun playing that with my seester!!

We left for dinner at Schlotzky's. We tried the new Muffalotza roast beef sandwich- which was really tasty! We also got an Original to split. You just can't beat the Original. Yum!!

After dinner, we went to a movie theater in Irving that that has like $1.50 movies that are out of theaters. We saw Identity Thief. It was not a let down! It was pretty funny.

We got a call that some friends wanted to go downtown for some drinks at Library. So we ran to Sister's apartment and freshened up. Then we headed out. We had SO much fun at Cinco de Drinko!! We laughed, met new friends, and I even sat IN the booth with everyone. A few randoms and all of my friends sat in my wheelchair. Hahaha! It was kind of hysterical!

We stopped by Whataburger on the way back to my house. Sister ended up staying at the house with me. I love my seester!!!

We missed church the next morning, but I did make it to Sundae Sunday for Youth. We watched Rise of the Guardians while we enjoyed some delicious sundaes.

When I got back home, we watched some Nikita and ate dinner. Mom made some cauliflower pancakes ( and tilapia. Yum yum!!

And that's my super jam packed awesomely fun life!!

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