Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I need the week to rest from the weekend!

Monday morning I got up and watched some Downton Abbey. I decided after one episode to read. I downloaded about 15 books yesterday and am way too eager to read them! I'm like a starving child eating at a feast. 

I love reading. It allows me to take a break, if you will, from my life. I can be someone else. I can watch the decisions being made and not suffer the consequences too harshly. I can give up the control that I, for some reason, can't seem to let go of. It's freeing in a very satisfying way. I get very, very drawn into books. I can feel what the characters feel and laugh and cry at things in the story. I can just be. I love it. But I digress. 

After the book, I went to PT. We worked on balancing on my right leg. It is MUCH harder than I thought it would be. Kind of like standing on stilts... I can't use my ankle for balance, I have to learn to use my hip and knee. Sometime, stand on one foot and watch your ankle. It adjusts your balance for you. I, obviously, can't do that anymore. I have to use different muscles. 

I woke up on Tuesday and had an appointment with my leg girl. She adjusted some things and had me walk for her. She said that I have improved since she saw me walk last time. I am glad to hear it! 

I spent most of the rest of the day being in lockdown with the same girl I was a sub for a couple of weeks ago. So basically, I read and she worked. Again, SUPER happy!! 

After the school day, I headed back to PT. I did... Wait for it... STEPS!!! Yes! I stepped up, and down, and to the side. I also walked around the floor (200-something feet each time) in the opposite direction- so I can learn how to turn that way as well- TWICE. I think I pretty much ROCK at PT. Like if there was a prize, I would win it. Ok, I'm a little proud of myself... 

Dad and I stopped for well-deserved smoothies on the way home!! We tried a vegan cookie and it never made me so happy to have animal products in my food! It wasn't bad, but as someone who eats non-vegan cookies, it was not that good. 

When we got home, Mom made us dinner. We had Cajun chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach (http://cuckooking.blogspot.com/2010/08/cajun-chicken-with-pepper-jack-cheese.html?m=1) which was amazingly scrumptious!!! We watched the Rangers, read some more, and then went to bed.

And that's life...

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