Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 57- Surgery # 9

I'm going to start by saying, can they name the OR after me already?! Jeez. Hahahahaha!!

So today I had one of my plates taken out. My doctor is trying to track it down so I can keep it (don't worry, I'll post a pic). Haha! The top half of my bones are pretty much healed, but the bottom ones are not because of the infection... I'm still praying for no ilizarov, but also for what needs to be done to get me better. I am continuing to work on my elbow. It's SO stiff! Currently I have this syringe apparatus in my PICC line because once again it will not draw blood? Why, do you ask, is this so important? I hate having blood drawn more than most anything!! I know, I know, I've been through waaaaaay worse pain, but I hate it. Also, they almost always bruise me. This morning I had THREE blood draws and my stupid PICC line can't draw blood!!!! UGH! Let's not forget that blood draws start at 5am. Seriously? Yes. I'm debating asking for a new PICC line when I go in on Tuesday. WE HAVE BLOOD!! Woot! My surgery took about 2ish hours and my plastic surgeon checked my ankle while I was in there. When they're about to put me under, I breathe in the mask a super lot, real fast because I am always worried that they will start my surgery before I'm asleep (which wouldn't happen...). Anyone else have this fear or do this (not that you're probably in a position to have surgery that often)? I will most likely get X-rays again tomorrow. Guess who's not in isolation anymore?! This girl! Guess who doesn't have a wound vac (at least for now)?! Yep, me again!! Love it!

Today's bruise. The lines are from a blood pressure cuff...
Someone offered to teach me how to knit!! I'm so excited and can't wait to start! Last night my lovely seester came up here and painted my toes like Jack-o-lanterns and spider webs and watched a movie with me. We also got Rosa's!!! Yum yum. She's so sweet! I got moved to a bigger room; my old room!!! This is great because the first one was waaaay too small (you had to go outside to change your mind and I can't even leave!!) for all of my equipment and family. Today my BFF stopped by to give me my graduation/birthday present!!! I love it!

I did well to just worry about today so far. Although I was out half the day... Ha! I'll let you know tomorrow how I handle it. Other than that, I am trying to be positive.


  1. Ugh! I bruise like that too! HATE getting blood drawn!!! I'm coming on Wednesday night - bringing a big collection of movies for you! What else can I bring? Magazines, trashy romance novels, something you've been craving...just say the word and I'll tote it up there (except for Matthew Mcconaughey - he's mine and I'm not sharing). Love you and can't wait to see you! Maybe we'll skype with Amanda on my ipad while I'm there!!! She's been dying to visit with you!

  2. I'm always down for trashy romance! LOL Can't wait to see you.