Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 63- I am clean!!!

Today I got to get CLEAN!! My hair was washed and I got a sponge bath (no hot nurses or techs, people...). The hair washing was GLORIOUS!! It was so nice. I had some fun visitors tonight, too. They had me laughing like crazy! Today was another chill day. We sat around and did nothing. I did have PT, though.

Guests watching TV instead of entertaining me. Kidding, they were GREAT!

Today is my parent's 28th wedding anniversary!! They had to hurry and get married so they could have my sister and ME! Seriously, though, my parents are amazing! I love them more than any words could explain and am so thankful they support me in the things I do. I'm happy they stand beside me and are strong for me when I cannot be strong. They are a blessing and a half each day I get to enjoy them and their company. They keep my spirit happy and light. I love them and would not trade them for the world.

I will have my 12th procedure tomorrow. I will have my wound vac changed, my elbow manipulated, and my wound bed assessed. Sounds like fun, huh? Too bad I'll miss it because I'll be sleeping. Haha! I go in at 7:15; that is not early when you consider blood draws start at 5 am.

Right now I'm off for a ride in the wheelchair with my seester!!

The seester and I.

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  1. LOVE the pics! Love you! Keep writing...I read every post!!! Am sending some movies up to keep you busy! Tell mom to stop by tomorrow (Tuesday) on her way and we'll hook you up with some totally random stuff to watch!